Sherman just wished Harbaugh Happy Bday on NFLN

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  • Yakima Hawkster wrote:Boz tried to be that mouth piece, but didn't back it up on the field. My favorite Boz memory, however, is when the Hawks played in Denver, where fans wore Boz busters tshirts by the thousands. Those shirts were actually financed by Boz.

    Boz led the team in tackles. He was a very good player. He led a very very good defense. He played with one arm and still recorded over 100 tackles by most counts (it was before it was a league stat). He was also great at shooting gaps and getting in the QB's head. I remember one time he shot through the middle and nailed Todd Blackledge so hard that he had zero time to react and his helmet popped off and his face was covered with blood. No other LB in the league could have done what he did on that play. By his second season his other shoulder was shot, and then his career was over. He backed it up plenty and had guys suit him up and he played basically armless football. I have nothing but respect for the man and always will. Nobody gave it more than Bosworth to play through a situation that was just not feasible. 99.999999% of the players wouldn't have even tried. But for the last season he played he couldn't even put his own uniform on. He was a tough SOB.
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  • Sherman and Baldwin both have axes to grind with Harbaugh and getting passed by in the draft. I'm sure every game we play him there is that extra how do you like me now coach insentive.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • dbsn2420 wrote:Love the fact that Sherman can back it up!

    Yep, I bet Harbaughghg felt so dirty after Sherman smiled at him, that he probably went into the locker room and took a long shower :16: :16: :16: :16: :16:
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