So, who did we learn more about: Hawks or Niners?

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  • I guess I'll go with the Hawks. They really showed that they can rise to the occasion on this one. Huge game, national TV, utterly convincing victory over a team everybody somehow thinks is the best this league has to offer.

    On the other hand, this seemed like a bit of a "they are what we thought they were" moment for Coach Douche, WunderKaep and the rest of the San Fran crew. I've thought they were decent, but hardly worth the praises they've been accumulating. One turnover fluke 13-3 season doesn't get you to Canton...
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  • I say both....We showed the mighty 49ers are nothing. But we already knew we were invincible at home.
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  • Seahawks are peaking, and will go ro the SB from the wild card. Name a team who wants to play us!!!!!!
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  • They're not a bad team. We were just a helluva lot better tonight.
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  • Daddy Love wrote: Seahawks are peaking, and will go ro the SB from the wild card. Name a team who wants to play us!!!!!!

    Broncos, Texans, Colts, Patriots, Ravens, etc. Because it means they're in teh Super Bowl.
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  • it just shows we can blow out anyone and not just lowely teams; unless the 49ers are a lowely team as well.
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  • BlueTalon wrote:They're not a bad team. We were just a helluva lot better tonight.

    This! We just DOMINATED the anointed #1 D like they were a JV squad. SERIOUSLY. Mad props to the 12th Man. The national broadcast was loving you tonight and it was well deserved. But the SEAHAWKS showed the NATION tonight how amazing they are. WE ARE ON THE ROAD TO THE SB!!!
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  • There is homefield advantage, And then there is this! We have been doing it for weeks!
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  • We did it with 4th and 5th string defensive backs.
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  • Daddy Love. The F-bomb isn't allowed in the regular forum. Ass is acceptable but not the F-word. Weird, I know, but wanted give you a heads up. game day forum and shack allows thus word if I remember correctly
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