Do you want Justin Smith to play sunday?

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Do you want Justin Smith to play?

Yes, I want the full strength Niner team, no excuses for fans
No, We are missing players and they have just been too healthy
Total votes : 91

  • I vote yes. I want a healthy 9ers team. I want our hawks team to beat them when they are at full power.
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  • Justin Smith is like a bull in a china shop. His mom might disagree, but I find him to be inconsiderate. He shows little regard for what we are trying to do offensively. He also appears to have a disruptive least on the playing field. These are things he will need to work on before I hope for his return.
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  • I do not care. Let them play whomever they have to. He wasn't the reason the Seahawks lost last time. If he does not play so be it.
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  • No. Whatever advantage we get to help us win, i'll take it.
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  • why not have him play, they allowed 4 straight TDs last week, had it not been for rain and possibly the worst game the Pats have played all year the niners would have stunk the joint up..

    I am seriously hoping the niners think they're on some sort of roll after getting beat by the Rams then the following week giving up 4 straight TDs in the second half, sure, let the good times roll there Smith.. :th2thumbs:
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • BTW, anyone seen the Vegas odds lately for this Sunday nights game?... Hawks -1

    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • Tech Worlds wrote:I think we should cut block those knees every play too!

    And pluck his leg hair at the bottom of the pile!
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  • I want to kick the chit out of a fully healthy 49er team.
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  • bestfightstory wrote:Let him play and run the ball straight at him. If they want to risk that elbow for the playoffs I say pound the rock as much as possible. They can lose the game and jeopardize their second most important defender's playoff chances all they like.

    this :thirishdrinkers:
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