Will Wilson vs Kaep be next Brady vs Manning?

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  • Kaeps not that good.
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    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!
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  • Obvs.
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  • Great question. And analysis.
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  • I would say yes, but I don't see Wilson or Kaepernick throwing for 4,500 to 5,000 yards in a season anytime soon.
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  • How about we let them finish a full season first?
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  • In different ways? Will they be big rivals yeah. Will they both be the cornerstones of their teams and carry weak rosters, maybe.

    Will the be two of the greatest QB's ever? I doubt this.

    Not to say they can't, and obviously very high on Russell, but it's pretty unlikely both would do it.
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  • As of right now, it looks like the next Brady vs. Manning will be Wilson vs. RG3, if he can stop getting injured.
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  • More like Wilson and Luck.
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  • Nah, what made that rivalry so great was that both players played in the same conference but different divisions, so it was more of a postseason rivalry than anything else, yeah they played more regular season games against each other than postseason games (but two AFC championships), but as neither were divisional rivals and both always swept up their division with ease, it was more a bragging rights game every time they met in the regular season.

    This will probably be more like Marino/Kelly. Drafted around the same time, divisional rivals.
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  • .net :mrgreen:
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  • Doubtful, but I think the Seahawks vs. 49ers rivalry will supplant Steelers vs. Ravens as the brutal, no-holds-barred rivalry that everyone loves to watch.

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  • According to Steve Young, Luck is going to the HOF. Wilson does have a chance to be a pioneer for sub 6' footers and in his opinion that seems to be about it.
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  • i think the days of the giant less mobile QB standing in the pocket are fading... Kaep and RW RG3 are the future of the league
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  • If by this you mean that media might hype what is just another game between two teams quite possibly.......
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  • volsunghawk wrote:Doubtful, but I think the Seahawks vs. 49ers rivalry will supplant Steelers vs. Ravens as the brutal, no-holds-barred rivalry that everyone loves to watch.

    that would be nice, but i think we have beat them every once in a while for that to be the case.
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  • no.
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