Next evolution of the Seahawks offense?

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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:I'm not sure how much we're going to use the read option this Sunday. SF's defense might be a little too fast and athletic for it to work very well.

    What I hope is we use the read option more as a play action pass type play..........meaning have Russell fake the read option, pull it back and pass it. The niners are going to be prepared for it, so if we do use it, we'll have to be more creative.

    sF isn't that much better than a very good and fast Cardinals D. Don't kid yourself, it doesn't take speed to stop it- it takes discipline and a bit of luck. If Wilson makes the correct read we should net a positive gain every time.

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  • The niners hidden weakness was exposed earlier by the rams twice: Long Ball.

    Not to say that they have no safety help, but the niners defense is so built around not allowing you time for that deep play to develop. should you manage to widthstand justin smith holding all day allowing aldon smith to rush in the rush, stepping up in the pocket and chucking it deep will definently gash them bad. the rams did it twice for a tie and a win.
    christian ponder even did it to them. christian ponder.
    NE did it on them to the tune of 28 unanswered.

    having a QB who is able to scramble for time and go deep on the run with accuracy is even better.

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  • I have pondered your post, but I'm still not sure what you're pondering.
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