Is the media bias a figment of our imagination

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  • hawker84 wrote:i will agree, the seahawks have recieved a lot of media attention this year, and RW is finally getting his coverage as well... but if anyone thinks a media bias doesn't exist , then you're just fooling yourself..

    driving home yesterday from work on ESPN radio, they were talking about the jets QB situation... really? who the hell cares about the jets other than the jets fans? SF vs. SEA - Kaep vs. RW national spotlight game with playoff implications, and you're talking about Tebow getting passed over for a no name QB..

    ya no bias there

    As capncrunch pointed out, the Jets QB situation has everything to do with Tebow and the following he's created. Add in Sanchez and his off-the-field exploits, it's a story the media is going to tell. If the two QBs in that story were Chad Henne and John Beck, it's a non-story.
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  • I'm sure it's got less to do for hatred of Seattle, or the fact we are in Alaska and not even on this continent - it has to do with what the media interprets as interesting theater for their newspapers, blogs, and television shows. The fact is that the Pacific Northwest is just a tiny segment of this nation - I don't know the exact stat but something near 1/2 of the US population lives in a NE or eastern seaboard state. So... pander to the audience. Notwithstanding, the Seahawks don't do that much to publicize themselves; if I were them I'd be out there doing stuff to improve my image - start the roadshow across the states and globally to increase awareness of just how good and interesting this team really is... that would change our media coverage for sure (since more people would have a genuine interest in our team!).
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  • As Scottmojo pointed out, branding is everything. This quote from Hangover II sums up our historic branding "But Chio loves khao and that's when I realized, [the Seahawk franchise] is khao. Khao is soft white rice in lukewarm water. It has no taste. Befitted to small babies and very old people."

    Now when the announcers/listeners talk about the Seahawks on local DC radio, what do they talk about? Eccentric Peter Carroll running up the score. The Golden Tate touchdown. Beast Quake. The "hard-hitting team" narrative that was largely driven by Golden Tate's decapitation of Lee. The way Wilson icily dissected Chicago with no time left.

    We finally have a QB and supporting cast (including GM John Schneider) that is going to create a brand for us.
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  • I heard talk a few days ago about the “reputation” of a team being the last thing to go. They were speaking of the Ravens at the time. I remember thinking that this is so true and my next thought was about how we never really built a “reputation” in the first place. Certainly nothing that would garner national attention over a long period of time anyway. I think what we are all witnessing now is the building of that “reputation” that I have been waiting for since I started watching back in the 80’s. We have always put up some strong seasons here and there but nothing to tear the media away from the big markets. I think that’s all about to change-
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  • The media is centered on the east coast. The biggest markets are on the east coast. Of course they pay less attention to the team furthest away from them. They have their darlings and priorities, and the Hawks aren't one.

    I just can't believe people still get bent out of shape about a lack of coverage, it should have been accepted it a long time ago as a fact of life of a Seattle sports fan.
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  • There is absolutely a media bias concerning the Seahawks but honestly.......I don't give Sh*t! Winning games has a way of taking care of any and all the haters and naysayers! Cheers to shutting them up!! :thirishdrinkers:

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  • Most folks in Moscow don't believe Radio Moscow is biased.
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  • Jville wrote:Most folks in Moscow don't believe Radio Moscow is biased.

    Only those in Pullman.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • I live on the East Coast (previously lived on the West Coast) and I can tell you clearly that the media is very bias. Big markets and historically successful franchises is really what runs the media: ratings, rating, ratings... NY, Boston, Washington DC, Philly, Miami and Dallas ...mostly because of the eccentric nature of Jerry Jones, ... On the other hand, Steelers, Giants, Patriots, Bears, ...
    That said ... It is good that SF and Seattle seems to be on the way to having some solid and steadily successful franchises that put good products every Sunday.
    The name Russell Wilson is really good, because he was a star in the ACC, then he was a star in the Big Ten and now he is about to become a star on the west coast. He is not as flamboyant as RGIII, he is not as eccentric as a Michael Vick... but he is consistent. He is a hard worker, he displays a good image for the League ... just like the Mannings, Brady, ...
    His success has surprised a lot of people. He is a good story of defying the odds. He is a true American story. Someone who was told he can't do it ... but he did it.
    Think about it for a minute. The NFL has 5-6 young QBs (Cam, Russell, RGIII, Luck, Ryan, CK7,...) , who will be terrific for the next 10+ years and Seahawks have one of them.
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  • rideaducati wrote:Do you remember any of the mediots going nuts about the XL officiating? Do you think the mediots will EVER STOP going nuts about the 2012 week 3 regular season game officiating?

    Actually, quite some number of national / non-west-coast pundits had very bad things to say about XL officiating. I know because I clipped the articles. :)

    That said, it's too bad that media coverage does seem to be going the way of the Olympics (focus on the teams with big audiences, and the 'personal interest' stories) instead of actual football Xs and Os.
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  • Yeah it definitely exists. But what is more annoying is our fans constant whining about it. Atleast that is my opinion with all due respect.
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  • Breaking Bad takes place in New Mexico. Although, if you take Maricopa county out of the equation, New Mexico and Arizona are fairly similar (everything but politics, anyway).
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  • Just keep winning. Who cares what they say and yes its true.
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