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  • i5roadrunner wrote:Section 317 reporting for duty! For those about to rock...We salute you!

    Section 328!!! I even yell at fans that aren't yelling LOL
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  • hgwellz12 wrote:Read my signature.

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  • hoxrox wrote:
    Jiggy wrote:Here's how they plan to deal with the crowd noise:

    Making sure one hand always is on the ground, the 6-foot-8, 300-pound right guard will twist and watch for a signal from quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who will be at least 4 1/2 yards behind him in the shotgun formation.

    When he sees Kaepernick raise his knee, Boone will turn to the man on his left, center Jonathan Goodwin, and tap him on the arm – the sign that it's time to snap the ball.

    Sound overly complicated? It's a lot more effective than shouting the snap count in a stadium that swallows up voices even when the speaker is mere inches away.

    "I think it's just keeping your poise and really focusing in," Boone said of getting off a play correctly in a cacophonous stadium. "I think (offensive-line coach Mike) Solari does a good job of that, and I think it's definitely a big key for us, especially in a stadium like this week's where it's going to be very loud." ... crowd.html

    Not intending to call you you Horox. But wouldn't this tell the D-Line it's time to snap the ball? Or is there more to this? If he taps the center w/ 1 finger count to 3, wiggle your toes four times and then snap? If 2 fingers, just snap it? Is all this determined by the speed of the foot motion from Kap?

    Just seems silly.

    It does seem silly and could give our d line an advantage on the snap. But that's just what the article is reporting they are doing.

    This has been normal operating procedure for a few years coming into our stadium. It means that the Center can snap the ball when he sees fit since the snap count will likely be unheard by most. The key is, "be ready OT's, the ball will be snapped shortly" - and the DL for the Seahawks will have the same "advantage" knowing that all they have to do is watch the ball.

    Where I've seen most teams get into trouble is when the QB is calling shifts and/or they are trying to audible. This is really tough to do in our stadium and puts the opposing offense at a distinct disadvantage.
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