Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (49ers @ Seahawks)

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  • Eastcoast9erfan wrote:Some of you guys REALLY think you are going to put up 50 points on the Niners?

    Come On Mannn!

    Granted, you guys are hot right now, and real niner fans are glad to see our conference improving as it makes the games more fun...but there is no freaking way you are going to put anything near 50 points on us.

    Watch for the Niners to run run run this game, sprinkled with a few bombs to Moss and Crabtree.

    49ers 27
    Hawks 23

    It think most of the 50+ predictions are more like, let's make history, kinda like playing the 500+ million dollar lottery even though you don't gamble.
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  • The San Francisco Forty-niners are extrapolated to score 24 here, and
    The Seattle Seahawks are extrapolated to score 25 by means of something kind of funky.
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  • This is going to be a war. The NFL has been crazy this year; who would have predicted that the Giants would destroy SF and then totally lay an egg vs. Atlanta. Most of the statistics I've been reading about the 49ers and the Seahawks suggest that the home field advantage should be enough for the seahawks to win. I've been dreading this game all year, the Seahawks are so tough at home, Russell Wilson has grown into a top flight QB, Lynch is a beast, and we all know about that defense. But I'm a niner fan and I'd feel like an idiot if I picked them to lose and they won. 49ers 17, Seahawks 16.
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  • Hawks 20
    Niners 13

    Where can I find
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  • 51-13, Seahawks. There, I called it. First team in NFL history to get 3 consecutive 50-burgers. Do I think it's really going to happen? No. I'm calling the score with my heart this week, not my brain.
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  • Something tells me we just aren't ready to overtake San Fran. I can see it next season when our young guys are more battle tested, but I have a really bad feeling about this.

    Niners 20
    Hawks 16
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  • The weather Sun night so far is saying 38-41 deg,with a chance of showers.With a wet,slick ball in the colder weather I would go with the guy with bigger hands for better control and less fumbling.
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  • I don't like the feeling either, but its hard for me to see them losing at home.

    27-21 Seahawks.
    2-0 on the season
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  • Unfortunately I don't think the rain will matter. It certainly didn't matter to the 49ers last Sunday.

    There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and the perpetual shuffling of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line.
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  • I think we pull it off this time. Wilson is ready for his biggest challenge yet.

    Seahawks 20
    49ers 17

    My record to Date: 6-8
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  • 49ers 27
    Seahawks 17

    Just have a bad feeling about this game.

    Season Record: 11-3
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  • 38-30 49ers

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  • Statement win. We won't score 50, but we'll put up 31.

    Seahawks 31
    Niners 16
    ImTheScientist wrote:This guy is the closest thing to beast mode we will ever see. You got a glimpse of that yesterday. He was instantly my favorite player when they signed him. Give the dude a chance and don't overreact or overthink preseason. Go Hawks. Lacy will rush for 1,100 and 10TDs. Bend the knee.
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  • Until Pete proves to me Hardouche doesn't completely have his number, I gotta go with......
    Whiners 27
    Hawks 24

    To date: 5-9
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  • Aros wrote:Unfortunately I don't think the rain will matter. It certainly didn't matter to the 49ers last Sunday.

    I think it did...most of those turnovers they forced were due to a slick ball in wet conditions. The amount of luck they had in that game is astounding. Too bad for them lady luck will be on our side come Sunday night.

    “There’s no reason, with Mr. Allen and the fan base here and the stadium, that this can’t be a stable, long-term winning organization.” - John Schneider
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  • How are you guys picking the forty whiners to win?
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  • Whoever commits the most turnovers....loses! That said, If our Defense can keep their "run game" in check, we should win.... 27-24
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  • hawks get handled up front on both sides of the ball!!! kape runs wild

    20-13 49ers

    we will be ready for them next year!!!
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  • We are rolling, at home vs the freakin niners with a very green qb. This is the beginning of the end for kaeperdouche. He will not be prepared for the clink or the 12.

    31-17 Hawks
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  • I think we can all agree one thing, there is no way the hawks throw up another 50 point blow out.

    hawks 49
    niners 0
    We are the 2014 Superbowl champions and it can never, ever be taken away.
    Greatest defense in NFL history.
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  • My insecurities say that the Ninnies will win, but forget all that.

    In the first game I kinda went between us scoring 13 and 19 points (IIRC). I think we are much better offensively. I am going to say we score 27. I see either a 49ers 31-27 win or a Seahawks 27-24 win.

    I am going to go with my heart.

    Seahawks 27
    Forty Niners 24

    PS - Hope we score 50 or above!
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  • Hawks 17-16
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  • 49ers 13
    Seahawks 20
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  • Seahawks are hot.

    49ers 13
    Seahawks 30

    Thanks for the amazing memories Beast Mode.
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  • 34-27 Niners win. Score makes the game appear closer than it is.
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  • funny
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  • 60niners wrote:34-27 Niners win. Score makes the game appear closer than it is.

    Sure....because the last two games have been such dominant wins for the 49ers, with the Seahawks having the lead at halftime in both games.

    This time, we won't blow opportunities like Tarvaris at the goal line, or all the dropped passes. Seahawks 24, 49ers 14.
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  • My head is telling me we're going to lose and I'm going to be enormously let down.

    My heart is telling me that I'm going to enjoy the hell out of Sunday night after the heart attack finally stops...

    Screw it:

    Seattle 27 SF 21

    7-7 RtD
    Super Bowl Champions XLVIII

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  • Not going to bother with a prediction, but I will note that the 49ers haven't won 3 in a row all season long, and I think that it will be very difficult for them to break that trend in the toughest place to play in the league. We'll represent the toughest defense that Kaepernick has faced on the road in his career. I think those things play in our favor.

    Super Bowl XLVIII Champions
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  • I WANT TO BELIEVE! I see this one as a tough game that could really go either way, but I am never picking against the Hawks at home

    Hawks 17
    Whiners 13
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  • Good score Aros, I did some math in my head and came up with the same thing. :th2thumbs:
    .NET Pick The Score - 1st Season

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  • Seahawks 54
    Niners 10

    :179422: :0190l: :179422: :0190l: :179422: :0190l:
    Hasselbeck wrote:Matt Flynn should be our starter. Wilson is nothing more than a backup and will never amount to anything in this league.
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  • chawx wrote:
    Fox0r wrote:Call me crazy, but I am not intimidated by the 49ers. They are coming to OUR house and this is OUR time. They're going to get a rude awakening come Sunday. We're going to dismantle them, and they'll spend the whole of next week doubting themselves heading into a crucial Arizona game.

    This is exactly what I thought of when I read that post lol
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  • I;m afraid the 9ers may have had one of those games last week where they figured something out with Kap and their offense, like we did against Chicago. They were my mid-season favorite to win the conference and until the Hawks can put them away they still are. I love where our Hawks are, but I think SF is about to start rolling again. UI have a feeling they will run the ball well and Kap will scramble for a couple big first downs. Their secondary will give us fits and in the end a couple long drives will kill our D again.

    Niners 27
    Hawks 17
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  • 49ers expose our receiving roster and leave us hurting for actual separation; Kaepernick exposes whatever CB depth is playing for the Seahawks that day.

    Wilson does his best, but it isn't enough against San Francisco's evolving offense.

    49ers 27
    Seahawks 17

    RTD: 7-7
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    GO HAWKS!!!

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  • This is the TREND that I love....

    Lovie Smith - "That was embarrassing"
    Ken Whisenhunt - "That was embarrassing"
    Chan Gailey - "That was embarrassing"

    Your Turn Harbaugh!!!!

    Come on Hawks, give us one at home, lets make some history.... back to back to back 50 points.!!!!!
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  • Too difficult to predict but I want a Seahawks victory in whatever goddamn form it comes in.
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  • I'mmma thinking

    Seahawks 38
    49ers 21
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  • So ive had a bad feeling about this game the last couple days and it was just topped off with a nightmare last night.

    First quarter is all Hawks, 14-0. Second quarter we get a fg, still all Hawks, 17-0. But then the second half starts... All 9ers.

    9ers 34
    Seahawks 24
    "I want it! I hate losing!"
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  • I predict Kaepernick and company will score 3-TD's and 2 field goals against our bend but don't break defense for 27 points. Unfortunately for the whiners, RW passes for 3-TD's and runs for 1 more TD, while Beastmode gets 120 yards on 18 carries and 2-TD's. The Hawks defense will score 1-TD (pick-6) on the first play of the second half and on the final play of the game (just to piss off Harbaughdouch) the Hawks score a field goal from the 32 yard line to make the final score...........52-27 Seahawks - as time runs out. Harbaughdouch has to be restrained and ends up spending the night in jail pending assult charges when he throws a fit and tries to beat up on Pete Carroll, but no worries, Big Red gets between the coaches and breaks it up easily. Future Seahawk/Whiner games will be VERY interesting.

    The National media then will crap their collective pants all through the holidays. Mel Kiper comes out with the truth about his mental illness and the fact that his hair is actually a wig he got at a garage sale in 1967 for 50 cents.

    Go Arizona..........(they will beat SF - - - after the Whiners melt down against the Seahawks and turn all bitchy against each other and bail their coach out of jail.)
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  • And after we win, the Media will talk about how the Niners played a "bad game", or Lord Harbaugh will be whining an moaning about something, win or lose. Oh well, may the better team on Sunday win. Should be an incredible game, down to the wire.
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  • I'm picking against the Hawks again, want Hawks to win this one even if it costs me my success rate at guessing.


    Record when picking against Hawks (last two weeks): 0-2
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  • some of you guys on here are coo coo if you think either teams scoring 40+ ... it's going to be a blood fest, home cooking and RW squeak us a win 24-17
    World Champs - Sounds good don't it
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  • Shoot, with these 2 defenses, even that sounds like I high score. I'd be on the Under if I was in Vegas this weekend.
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  • hawker84 wrote:some of you guys on here are coo coo if you think either teams scoring 40+ ... it's going to be a blood fest, home cooking and RW squeak us a win 24-17

    Whatever dude!

    You have yet to see the full potential of Sir DangerRuss..........
    Hawks 51 (Book it)
    9ers 24 even if Sherm is gone!
    If you don't believe me please see the sig below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO HAWKS :0190l: :49ersmall: :0190l:
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  • 38 - 27 hawks
    Week 1 of the preseason vs. The Tennessee Titans, I said the Seahawks were winning the superbowl...

    "Oh and by the way, Go Hawks!!!" Russel Wilson
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  • In honor of the the visiting team, the Seahawks will win 49-0.
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  • It's payback game #2.

    Hawks 31
    49ers 13
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  • I've predicted close games the last two games, and look at the result. So, this is going to be a VERY close game.

    Hawks 47
    9'ers 17
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  • I have a feeling we will DESTROY the niners sunday
    Seahawks 38
    49ers 10
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