Times have changed...perception of Hawks on the road

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  • Listened to the Grantland podcast yesterday with Bill Simmons and Mike Lombardi. For those who don't read / listen to Simmons, he jumped on the Wilson bandwagon back in Sept. They talked a lot about the Hawks last night. This comment by Lombardi really caught my attention:

    -The Niners and Seahawks have that belief they can go anywhere and win. What a far cry from just earlier this year when our road woes were all the experts talked about. They also talked about the Hawks have been in every game this year and not played a bad game.

    Other Hawk related thoughts from the podcast:

    -Redskins would be a good matchup for the Hawks. Our D is athletic enough to play Griffen tough. Our lines give us the edge over Dallas too.
    -It take playing against the Niners vs seeing them on film to recognize how fast that D is. Said the Pats weren't ready for it and that's why the NFC West teams seem to play the Niners tough...they are familiar with them and know what to expect
    -Only negative Lombardi had for the Hawks was what happens with Sherman pending Friday
    -They played out a scenario where the Giants could get the 6 seed, knock off the Packers in round one and set up a Hawks / Niners round 2 matchup which they referred to as "the best 2 teams in the NFC meeting in Round 2"
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  • If Sherman goes out we could be hosed.
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  • The idea of traveling to Washington or to Dallas is a matchup I'd love. I think we'd win both those games. And then traveling to Atlanta I also believe is a game we win! I wouldn't say we are road warriors just yet, but I think we will get there. And the playoffs is the best time to prove it!
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  • Here's the article where Simmons picked a Seahawks-Ravens Super Bowl, in case anyone is interested. September 7th publish date, which places it between the final pre-season game and the first regular season one. If we get to the Super Bowl, Simmons will rightfully be bragging 24/7 leading up to it.
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