Wilson vs. Kaep straight up.... who do you take?

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Wilson or Kaepernick?

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  • jkitsune wrote:There's no way to tell which one's better. Neither has played very many games. Wilson has had a great season. Kaep's had a great few games. Wilson was not 'total crap' the first few games, and Kaepernick hasn't been a 'point guard.' Who knows who will be better? Anyone trying to tell you they know for sure one's superior to the other is blowing smoke.

    Given that, I'll take my boy Wilson.

    No smoke, just enough sense to recall what Chuck Gruden had to say about Wilsons uncanny ability to adapt to different QB systems with ease, + what he has going on inside his thinker.
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  • NFSeahawks628 wrote:This is Wilson's song.

    Damn, I've never heard that before. I like it quite a bit.
    "VICTORYYYYYYY!" -Johnny Drama
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  • Marvin49 wrote:OK...gonna have to stop you there right at your first comment. Kaepernick WAS a 1 read QB. He is NOT that any longer. In his first game as a starter vs Chicago, he hit Crabtree for a TD as his THIRD option on the play. Against the Pats the long TD to Walker was ALSO his THIRD option. He is moving through his progressions very quickly and that is one of the reasons 49er fans are so excited. The National perspective seems to think this is all about his legs. Its not. Thats just a bonus. The reason Kaep is playing so will is what he's doing between his ears and his accuracy on the deep ball. Don't dismiss him as a 1 read will be missing the boat.

    If you read carefully you would have seen that I cited Kaepernick's ability to make a second read. It's just that he rarely does, and he needs ideal circumstances to do it. I didn't chart, but I would guess that 90% of his throws have been on the first read. Every QB makes most of his throws on the first read (pre-snap reads are very important), but Kaepernick relies on his arm over his brain and that leads to a very low percentage of plays where he surveys the field.

    There have been pro-bowl QBs in the past with similar tendencies. However if Kaepernick wants to reach his high potential he'll need to grow and check through reads much more often. QBs that are 1 read heavy tend to wilt against elite defenses too. If Seattle's secondary was 100%, I'd say this is the ultimate test for Kaepernick. Hell, if Sherman plays and Gore isn't getting 10 yards per carry, maybe it still could be a bellweather game.

    I have nothing against Kaepernick. I scouted him before the 2011 draft and was a big fan. Our GM was also a big fan of Kaepernick's. I think he's going to be a valuable QB, the question is how valuable.
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  • sc85sis wrote:
    49fansince70 wrote:Had to go with CK here. He's taller, smarter (37 vs. 28 on the wonderlic). Both are fast, both have great arms. RW has a better touch on his passes IMO. One thing I noticed with CK (and RW, for that matter) right off the bat is, unlike Alex Smith, he can throw his receivers open.

    I suspect CK's 'fumbling the snap' problem was more due to weather in NE and was corrected in the second half, so I'd be skeptical of statistical analysis that points to the number of fumbles.

    Right now RW runs the offense better than CK does, and that could make all the difference in the upcoming game.

    CK has a slight edge in quality of receiving targets, both teams have decent WR's, but the 49ers have Vernon Davis (see how I didn't go with initials there?).

    Hopefully this argument will go back and forth for years to come.

    I don't put much stock in the Wonderlic unless a guy has a really terrible score. Marino scored in the teens and that didn't exactly hurt him.

    Russell has shown he's more than capable of football smarts. He learned Wisconsin's offense in a matter of weeks because he's a ridiculously hard worker.

    Yeah, there was a study done showing the wonderlic really doesn't predict success for quarterbacks. Clearly athletic intelligence is a different phenomenon than book smarts. For what it's worth, the season CK was drafted, the 49ers more or less shunned him because they had a new coaching staff and a short offseason; this season he only got 2nd team practice reps (and some wildcat-type plays, mostly to mess with the minds of opposing DC's) until he was thrust into the starting lineup due to Smith's concussion. According to the 49ers coaching staff he executed the same gameplan they would have run with Smith (other than a few plays tailored to his strengths).
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  • You 9er fans stuck your ass out for Kaepernick making reads all the time, and it seems like Dilfer does not agree with you...... And by hearing Dilfer talk, he clearly has more football knowledge than anyone on this board.
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