Wilson's uniform is in the hall of fame

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Re: Wilson is in the hall of fame
Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:43 pm
  • Basis4day wrote:
    And does this stat make QBR legit?

    Many will start to think so because it favors us.

    Same reason people around here all of a sudden like Colin Cowerd and Mike+Mike.

    Your wrong there buster, still can't stand that sniveling Cowerd. I just can't get there from here.
    " Remember the men and women in uniform that have signed that blank check for us."
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  • I love the lack of logic.

    We scored 108 points in 2 games so our red zone game has problems?

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • kearly wrote:
    hawksfan515 wrote:And does this stat make QBR legit?

    Teams with the higher Total QBR scores posted a 16-0 record in Week 15.


    Navyhawkfan187 wrote:I'll still take DVOA over anything else. ESPN's tQBR is a half @$$ed attempt at DVOA.

    Ditto. ANYA is a good pure passing stat as well.

    QBR has good intentions, but miserable in execution. It seems like every week you see a QBR score that is WILDLY at odds with reality. I strongly suspect judges bias is the reason for it's flaws. It's a stat without empirical accountability. At least DVOA is based on data. QBR is based on whether or not to blame the WR for a drop and other contextual things that are decided by the scorer- which is made worse by the fact that it's very unlikely that the same strike zone is being applied to every player (different people charting).

    In short, there are a lot of subjective judgement calls in the stat. PFF is a very strong comparison but PFF's stats are accurate more often. UZR is a bit of a subjective tracking stat in baseball and stat geeks never tire of bashing it for not being empirical enough.

    Really, there is no stat that perfectly captures football. It's a sad, cold hard fact. I generally trust the stats that back up the eyeball test the best, knowing that they still aren't perfect and there will always be information left out of any stat. All I ask is that a stat indicates a good score when a QB was obviously good and a bad score when a QB was obviously bad. Maybe over a whole season, QBR's flaws iron out and it's decent, but game to game it's been a joke at times this season.

    I'm gonna assume that Kaepernick is really the guy who has insane QBR scores for you. It is for me a least. He fumbles the ball 4 times and still has an 89 QBR? OK......

    BTW what do you think of Kaepernick Kearly?
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