In case you missed the RW love on ESPN tonight

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  • More haters having their Mea Culpa moments. Love it.

    "I can deal with Kap looking/acting like a douchebag so long as he wins. You can't be a douche AND a loser, Kap. Get your ---- together, a-hole."

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  • link broke
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  • That was some big love!
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  • I remember at the start of the season Trent was all over PC for making a stupid mistake and not starting Flynn. He has never come forward and said he was wrong but he sure dissed PC and RW early in the season.
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  • All these guys will still vote for Luck or RGIII as ROY. What's shocking is all these guys are former QBs. Most of the comparison numbers are in favor of RW, especially when you look at the common teams faced by Luck and Wilson.
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  • hawks4thewin wrote:link broke

    Click the YouTube button in the top left hand corner of the video screen to play it directly from the site.

    He's a pioneer! Good stuff. Trent still blows and kick rocks.
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  • If anyone would be on the Russ Bandwagon I would think Steve Young would be, they both play unconventional, ability to run extend plays, overcoming obstacles- left handed, short for QB.
    Dilfer tho, he sucks, Im still PO he raised the 12 flag.
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  • dilfer is a dillweed... don't want or need his praise... bandwagon jumpin d'bag... steve young i have respect for , he tells it like it is and usually is pretty spot on...
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  • hawker84 wrote:dilfer is a dillweed... don't want or need his praise... bandwagon jumpin d'bag... steve young i have respect for , he tells it like it is and usually is pretty spot on...

    Hey, Dillweed is one of my favorite seasonings.

    My view on Dilfer softened somewhat when a discussion came up after the Chicago game and he said " Russell Wilson just blew my mind!"
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  • I bet that hurt to say
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  • Good stuff. Thanks.
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  • What is funny is watching the horrible game last night and either on TV or radio (first part I listened to) they talked about TN simplifying the offense. I remember the same thing about Michael Vick that Atlanta simplified things and he was doing better. It is so with many qb's - been said about Ponder for example.

    With Russell Wilson it is the opposite. It is continously getting more and more complex - not just the read option which is in a way something he is used to but the additional formations and options out of those, the reading the blitz has dramatically improved. This will just keep getting better. Imagine a whole offseason from 5am to midnight watching film every day for RW :)
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