Hypothetically...who would you rather face in the playoffs?

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  • Dream scenario for me goes like this:
    1) ATL
    2) GB
    3) SF
    4) DAL
    5) Seattle
    6) NYG

    NYG defeat SF
    SEA defeat DAL

    NYG defeat ATL
    SEA defeat GB

    SEA hosts NYG for NFC championship.

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  • Good post Luker. Realistically the only #6 seed that can win two road games would be the Giants [no way Chicago, Minny, Wash or Dal are doing that].

    Realistically I think we would have a better chance in Round 2 playing at Atlanta than at GB. I think the Dome/Turf would help us bigtime and Atlanta would be nervous as hell if we got up on them early.

    But if we want to host a playoff game, the Giants as the #6 seed is our best option.

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  • 60niners wrote:[quote="peachesenregalia] Smack down the 9ers in the NFC championship, [u]cause THEY F*CKING DESERVE IT.
    Why exactly is this? quote

    because it's the niners? I can't tell if this is a serious question....[/quote]
    Just wondering if there was some substance behind such a statement... silly me.

    At any rate; really excited for this Sunday's game. Should be a death match... just hoping my team comes out healthy![/quote][/quote]

    The reason is we hate your coach (should be self explanatory), we hate the fact that you guys have kicked our butts the last few times, we hate most of your fans (sorry you appear to be one of the few exceptions to the rule, but you guys have a lot of fans who are uneducated jerks), and we pretty much hate anyone who is standing between us and the Lombardi at this point (and the fact that your team will be a thorn in our greatness for the foreseeable future makes us hate them all the more).

    That said, I really hope both teams can get through this game with no injuries. My hate for the Niners ramped up in 2010 when you guys put out what seemed like 1/2 our team (including Hass) in one game. Thankfully, we have gotten a lot younger and tougher siince then, but I know how hard both teams will be hitting and we will both be lucky to escape with just minor injuries.
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  • I want to face @Dallas @Atlanta and @ greenbay
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    Heyoo what a couple of years
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