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  • Hawkfan77 wrote:
    fridayfrenzy wrote:
    Hawkfan77 wrote:
    Then why hasn't he been suspended yet?

    Because there is a procedure that is followed by the NFL and NFLPA, just like a judicial system. Before a player misses any games, he has the right to appeal the ruling.

    An appeal is an attempt to change the ruling. He has already been found "guilty". He is just going to the next level of the system to try and get that ruling reversed.

    So there could be a change in the ruling if maybe perhaps he wasn't actually guilty? Because maybe, just maybe, he isn't actually guilty which is why he is fighting. You know, it's not like a player has ever won an appeal before, right?

    Sherm isn't guilty yet because he hasn't been suspended. He gets an appeal because there could be error on the so-called "positive" test. If there could be no error and he was guilty then he would already be serving his suspension.

    Just face it whinerfrenzy, there's a chance Sherm isn't guilty. Why you painted yourself into this very corner is beyond me, but you really have no leg to stand on here.

    Of course there is a chance Sherman gets off in the appeal process, and I hope he does, but you are acting as if he is not guilty and that he is going to pee in a cup on Friday and then we shall see if he tests postive for PEDs or not. That is not the case, Sherman's sample tested positive for PEDs. That is a fact.

    History shows that it is very very rare for NFL players to have their rulings changed. Many professional sports players use the appeal process to delay suspensions.
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  • When was the sample taken and when was it tested? If this was at the beginning of the season, then why are they suspending players now? A lot of this I don't understand.
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