Colin Kaepernick Career QBR Rating Vs. SEA: 0.4

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  • He looks kind of dumb with the uneven haircut, on there. I hope our defense makes him look even dumber this Sunday.
    Rams bet status: honored. Bradford still sucks.
    RedAlice is right.
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  • 61.4 QBR for Kap this weekend.

    Good thing for us RW will have a 96.5 Total QBR>
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  • I dispise Kaepernick ever since his times @ Nevada. CRAZYLEGS needs to be stopped on Sunday. I hope the defense can play up the the level they did against Carolina against Cam Newton, they effectively shut him down, I hope we can do the same for Crazylegs, get a few fumbles and get out to an early lead and we should be in great shape for the win.
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  • he hasnt really faced a tough defense since he has been the starter i wonder if the cardinals complex defense could maybe affect him
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