I like how everyone here has bounced back from Patsies SNF

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  • Those Ugg wearin bastards...First they play the worst game ever on MNF, then they have the audacity to come back only to fall short on their faces.

    We can never rely on other teams to help us. It will never happen, maybe last week it might have, but when we REALLY need it, it won't happen.

    Anyways, I like how posters here are already looking forward to this Sunday, even if the circumstances have changed a bit. I was feeling let down after SNF, but I read something on fieldgulls today that might lift your spirits as well.

    Pretty much an awesome read on last night, our season so far up to this point, a nice look at some questions we've had about playing on the roads, lots of stats, and even a bilbo baggins hobbit theme!

    Here's a little snippet, much to what you fellow posters are already on board with:

    No, we are not playing for the division lead, but we are playing for a lot. Nobody should be wearing pants.
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  • agreed... this is a huge statement game... this is a big game for them too, playing for a 1st round bye...
    World Champs - Sounds good don't it
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