NFC Teams vs. Out of Division Playoff Teams

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  • A quick rundown of how the NFC playoff contenders stack up when they play other playoff contenders (AFC/NFC) that are outside of their own division. Only playoff contenders with a current winning percentage of .500 or better were considered. You might not be surprised who is first, but you'll probably be a little surprised at who is last.

    Seattle 5-0
    Atlanta 4-0
    San Fran 3-2
    Washington 2-3
    NY Giants 2-3
    Chicago 2-3
    Dallas 2-4
    Minnesota 1-3
    Green Bay 1-4

    If the Jets win tonight they would be at .500 and could also be included in the equation. That would put Seattle at 6-0 and SF at 4-2. The Jets haven't played any other NFC contenders this year.

    The Falcons should get their props for taking care of business against the good teams, but I think the Seahawks or 49ers would match-up very well.

    Minnesota and Green Bay are a combined 0-5 against the rookies; Luck, RGIII and Wilson.

    Hijacking my own thread: the Colts averaged 12.25 wins a season for the four years preceding the "Suck for Luck" campaign, yet Luck is getting credit for making the Colts a playoff contender? With the exception of last year this team has been a serious playoff contender since Luck was in elementary school.
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  • Interesting list for sure. Thanks!
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