Rewatched the Bills game, intently focused on Okung.

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  • This guy is a stud. Just thought since I love it when people watch players specifically and write about their performances, so thought I would cause I got time.

    1st quarter

    (12:24) 3rd and 7 pass to Zach Miller for first down. Okung has been playing great up to this point, and still does here, but let's the Bills defender bull rush him a tad bit back into Russell Wilson. Still gives Russell Wilson a solid 3 seconds to throw though.

    (11:44) 1st and 10 pass to Michael Robinson for 17 yards after a play action fake. This play sure does look designed, but Okung just set up to the outside and let his man come through to the inside quite easily. Wilson passed to Robinson shortly thereafter though, But if Wilson has the ball for about 1.5 more seconds he probably gets sacked.

    (11:12) Lynch run for 3 yards. Okung manhandles his man pretty well in the run game, and this would have been a much bigger gain but the LG (Mcquistan?) is blown back off the snap, about 3 yards in the backfield.

    (10:06) Russell Wilson read option run 14 yard for a TD. Okung just blasts his man off the line, and turns him, so if the DE didn't bite on Lynch so hard, then the carry probably goes to Lynch and a nice hole is opened up here if the LG (McQuistan?) can turn his man a little more.

    Screen to Marshawn Lynch for first down, about 14 yards. 2 lineman were left their man to block on this play, but Okung stayed home, and I question if he knew the playcall, as he gave whoever was going against him NO GROUND. Not an inch since first contact. Great play by Okung, his man almost got to Lynch, but he gave him a solid shove to ensure he didn't catch Lynch on the screen to the left.

    Read option keeper by Russell Wilson for 20 or so yards. Okung is pretty nimble on his feet here, pulling away from the DE and going through the hole Lynch would've run through and reaching the MLB. The DE Okung had bit too hard on Lynch though, so Wilson pulled it and got a nice 20 yard gain.

    Wilson sacked for -2 yards. He managed to shove his man to the ground at the end, but his man still got a little close to Russell Wilson (Breno let his man through, bad, which is the main reason why Wilson had to step up). Still a good performance. Easy sack for the LB's in zone though once Wilson stepped up with no lineman protecting him.

    (6:00) Wilson 25 yard scramble for a TD. Okungs man gets an edge on the speed rush, but a slight step up by Wilson and a good shove by Okung to move his man a few yards past Wilson (not to mention a minor hold at the end) let's Wilson escape the pocket and scramble for the TD, untouched.

    Lynch run for 5 yards. Just gets around his man and pushed him away from the play. Not much effort from the defender, so in return the defender doesn't get much effort from Okung. Easy run block for Okung.

    2nd quarter

    (15:00) Lynch run for 5 yards. Good block by Okung initially, but at the end he loses leverage on his man and Lynch is forced to divert his path. He is already 4 yards past the line of scrimmage though, with 3 defenders swarming, so no difference in the play is made here.

    (14:24) Flea flicker from Lynch to Wilson for 44 yards. Brilliant play call here. Okung at first lets his man penetrate on the (seemingly, at first) pitch to Lynch to the right, and then passes him off to another lineman, who shoves him to the ground, and a nice 3 lineman pocket is formed around Wilson, giving him ample time and comfort to throw the ball. Trickery does it's job here, and not much execution in terms of skill seems to be needed.

    (13:40) Lynch run for 2 yards in the red zone. This is a negative play I'd say from Okung. It's a run to the right, and Okung goes for the cut block, and barely impedes his man at all, and that same man proceeds to jump on Lynch from the side as soon as he enters the hole. In fact, this looked more like Okung tripped than he tried to cut block his man.

    (12:55) Wilson incompletion to Tate. Zach Miller it's lined up outside of Wilson here, so Okung helps out in the middle. A nice wall is formed where no pressure gets through, which I doubt Wilson could see over. Also worth mentioning that there were no routes in the middle of the field, probably because the play design wouldn't form a throwing lane.

    (12:50) Wilson pass to Sidney Rice, a yard short of the end zone. Another normal day at the office for Okung, as he doesn't appear to struggle at all with his man. Russell Wilson has a nice pocket to throw from as a result.

    54 yard run on a read option by Marshawn Lynch. Okung easily flips out his man and gives him no leverage. I think it's Kyle Moore, and Okung makes shutting him out of everything look easy. Poor guy. He might have been trying to keep contain on Russell Wilson, but I don't think he could of done that either.

    4 yard TD pass to Zach Miller. Shawne Merriman matches up against Okung, and Okung predictably drives him right on past the pocket. McQuistan peels off his block, as Max Unger is handling his man, to help Okung, but Okung definitely did not need it.

    (8:02) Read option keeper by Russell Wilson, no gain. Great block here by Okung, as he drives his man off the ball at the snap. Can't be taken advantage of though, as the DE bites very hard on the Lynch run. Russell pulls it and gets no gain.

    (7:22) Can barely read the clock, image is so grainy on my computer, but this is a pass play to Sidney Rice for 41 yards. Okung teams up with McQuistan to double team his man. He gets zero penetration. And the end result? 41 yards to Sidney Rice.

    (6:40) -2 yard rush by Marshawn Lynch, and also a hold is called on Anthony McCoy. Lol. Still, love this play by Okung. He FIRES off the line and pushes the OLB into the endzone, which is about 10 yards downfield. What an athlete.

    (1:05) Incompletion to Doug Baldwin on 1st and 10. The Hawks seem to be doing some odd sort of protection scheme, as there is a LB on the outside, and a DE right inside of him, so what they are doing is they let Okung double the DE with McQuistan to the inside, and then let our RB handle the LB (Nick Barnett is the rushing LB). It works, but it's a little worrisome to me.

    (00:59) Dropped screen by Leon Washington on 2nd and 10. It was a screen, but to the right side so Okung still had to try to block. I'm starting to feel bad for this Kyle Moore guy, he just seems to be getting dominated.

    3rd quarter

    (12:57) Scramble by Wilson for 8 yards. Poor Kyle Moore, Okung kept him away from Russell Wilson for 7 whole seconds. He must be frustrated.

    Lynch 13 yards around the left end for the TD. Pretty sure this is one of the hardest blocks in football, the reach block. Okung does a nice job of it, and as a result Kyle Moore cannot catch Marshawn Lynch.

    (8:51) Throwaway by Russell Wilson on 1st and goal. Love this block by Okung here. Zach Miller is lined up about a yard behind him, to his left, and Miller is going to run off to the right side behind the line when the ball is snapped, to block for Russell Wilson, creating a moving pocket. As a result, Okung has to fire off fast to get the DE, and he does it beautifully.

    (7:36) Incompletion to Doug Baldwin. 8 man rush by the Bills here, and Okung holds his own. Wish I could say that for the right side of the line.

    On review, I thought Okung played a really great game. Didn't see any pressure allowed, and some great run blocking in there (aside from that one horrible cut block). If he doesn't make the pro bowl, I'd consider it a snub.

    Not much more to note here. After this the game got really out of hand. Hope you guys enjoyed this! And keep in mind, I only really included plays I felt were notable, so not every single play. And, it's an amateur breakdown, so don't be expecting too much :180670:

    Go Hawks! :th2thumbs:
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  • Largent80 wrote:Please do this for Giacomini

    lol, I'd think about it, but he did seem to be a kinda big liability. There was one play I focused on him, and his man rushed to the inside, and Giac followed him, and let him through very easily, making Wilson step out of the safe confines of the pocket and get sacked by the Bill's LB's.

    Gotta say though, a Breno breakdown would be more fun. It got boring with Okung after a while. Everytime this Kyle Moore kid was lined up across from him, he made him look like a scrub. That guy got no pressure at all, and no penetration in the run game. He flat out sucked.
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  • He's a bust! Get rid of him!
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  • Right now, his ankles mean the world to us. His ankles are what David Akers leg is to the Niners. Football Gods, please keep that man healthy.
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  • I remember Okung struggled early in the year with guys coming off the edge, especially the first game vs. AZ. As the season has worn on, there have been fewer and fewer instances of him obviously being beat on pass pro. That tells me (I know, Capt. Obvious here) his legs were not fully healthy early this season but have been much better since then. When you don't notice an o-lineman getting beat, it usually means he's doing an excellent job.
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  • I think Big Russ is pro-bowl this year but becuae he plays his football in Tanzania that may hurt him.
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  • If we could get Canadians to vote for the pro bowl Okung would be in by a land slide. Seriously we should play 1 pre season game a year up there they loved us yesterday.
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  • who else are candidates for the pro bowl at tackle?
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  • I watched Breno some last night and he did pretty damn well against "Super Mario." He would push off, extending his arms, then bounce backwards light on his feet and push again. By the 3rd push, they were close to Russell but the play was pretty much over. There was a time or two where he struggled slightly, but I was very impressed by Week 15 Breno.
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  • Seaswab wrote:who else are candidates for the pro bowl at tackle?

    Joe Staley, Matt Kalil, Trent Williams, Tyron Smith (somehow), Donald Penn, Jeff Backus, and Will Beatty. ... ke-the-cut
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