Wilson finally getting ROTY recognition?

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Wilson finally getting ROTY recognition?
Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:52 pm

    Russell Wilson, Seahawks QB: In the past two games, Seattle has scored a combined 108 points, and Wilson deserves much of the credit. On Sunday, he was wonderful, totaling 297 yards and four touchdowns, and according to ESPN Stats Info, via Elias, he became the first player in league history with three rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown in the first half of a game. What's especially crazy about Wilson's three rushing touchdowns? Those were his first three rushing touchdowns of the season. Like my colleague Will Brinson pointed out, it's time to consider Wilson for offensive rookie of the year. Because there are times when he's been more impressive than Luck and Griffin. Grade: A


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  • How do you spell duh?
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  • He should have been in consideration for quite some time now, but it's time to make some noise. This is great.

    A big showing vs the 9ers next week, and I think he'll actually have a chance to win the ROTY honors. He'll probably have to be flawless though with the Luck/Griffin lovefest going on every week.
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  • "there are times"

    Yeah, a LOT of times.
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  • Seahawks still need to win these next two, but...
    If RG3 misses any more time he should be out of the discussion...
    If Luck doesn't put up at least one performance on par with Wilson's these last six weeks or so it should be an EASY EASY decision.
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  • Well in my best Canadian accent, "bout time eh?"
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  • Wont matter RW can be the best ever in the history of the game and the Media pundents and jerk ass John clayton will still give luv only to luck and RG3
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  • If we "win out", then the race could well be a "toss up".
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  • About time.
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  • Well if RG3 or Luck did what Russell did this week the media would be doing back flips about it.About time indeed.
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  • In the words of LeBron James: It's about damn time.
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  • I'm not directing this at anyone here:

    Honestly don't understand why anybody cares if Russell Wilson gets the ROTY or not. I sure don't. The Seahawks finally have an exciting playmaker, and potential future superstar at QB and it seems like all people can talk about is how he's not getting enough respect. Who cares?

    The kid has already led us to more wins than we've had in how many seasons? And I'm serious when I say this kid is not just a franchise QB, he is a future star. I love everything about him, and have NEVER been this excited about a Seahawks QB.

    Today I experienced the same feeling that I did last Sunday. It felt like I was watcing someone play Madden on easy level. This kid Wilson not only tilts the field, he literally dominates it. On the road or at home, against good or bad opponents, it doesn't matter. He's a win machine. And I AM LOVING IT.

    So frankly, who cares what the pundits think? I don't. Keep winning, Russ.
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  • Something tells me Russ thought to himself "oh crap! THAT'S something I haven't done this year, RUN a touchdown."
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  • Is the sky falling? Heard Greenie this morning give some RW love. He said something like "at the beginning of this season, if you told me AP would be up for MVP and Russell Wilson would be for ROTY, I'd think you were crazy."
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  • People have been throwing in RW's name in the ROTY mix for the last month or so but it always seemed like a polite nod rather than a serious consideration. I think that's changing.

    IMO the ROTY mix should be between RGIII and RW. If Luck wins over either of those two then I officially call bullshit on the whole thing.
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  • Clayton has always claimed that the reason he was for Luck as ROY was because of the W/L record. We'll see what he says this week now that both team's records are 9-5 and RW's stats are better than Luck's. Also, Seattle's schedule has been much tougher.
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  • I also feel that the battle is really Wilson vs RG3. RG3 has better stats than Wilson at the moment and therefore has the edge.

    That being said, If we win out, then yes, I do think Wilson has a legit shot at winning the award.
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  • hawks02 wrote:Well in my best Canadian accent, "bout time eh?"

    Excuse me, but it's pronounced "aboot".
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  • I think even if he breaks Mannings rookie record for Touchdowns he will still not get ROY just because he is a Seahawk! Wouldn't have it any other way!
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