ESPN on Russell Wilson in a couple mins...

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ESPN on Russell Wilson in a couple mins...
Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:33 pm
  • Probably going to be some scrappy highlights and no love :(
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  • Early in one of the segments it was show one touchdown, final score, and then they said "fake punt" and I switched it back to the Sunday night game.
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  • Nice props for RW . . . last topic mentioned - fake punt, commentator "that go alot of people upset"

    Hatred never felt so good . . . :D
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  • And its over... a few RW runs and the Miller TD, and of course... the fake punt...
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  • I liked it. Everybody likes successful fake punts. They are exciting. Good people are upset(?) You mean the soon to be retired Chan Gailey?
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  • "Retired" is a nice way of putting it, Atradees.
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  • What no mention of RW's QBR? Where's all the love to pimp their advanced quarterback rating? The guy has the highest QBR rating this year and scores 3 rushing TDs in the first half and they are focused on a fake punt call?
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  • Man..... if it was Bellicheck or Jim Harbaugh doing it (apparently John can't get away with it either), the story would be all about how they never let up and set a wicked tempo. But since it's Pete he's justa poor sport and a cheat.

    Don't they ever take a step back and think about what ass hats they look like..?
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  • Thing about Belichick, they did give him a hard time...what was it, 2007 when they were just face rolling everybody to the tune of 45+ points a game ?

    He does it so often now, the media has come to expect it from the Patriots.

    I still think the media are ass hats about it though.
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