can turbin be the next great seahawk rb?

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  • Chukarhawk wrote:two things he needs to improve on, dropping easy passes and the strange ability to tackle himself. I have seen him on numerous occasions trya nd make too hard of a cut and slip and fall, untouched. happened in the cards game and a bunch in preasseason.

    He doesn't get a ton of minutes so likely gets a bit anxious when he does. Must be hard spelling a legend in the making. I think the more time he gets, the more comfort he will enjoy and that's when the game will slow down for him.
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  • Alexander/ ahman green - lynch/ Robert turbin.hopefully hawks can keep both this time.
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  • Alexander/Mo Morris

    I think he is a quality back but too small of a sample size yet. My initial reaction is he is better than average but I haven't seen anything special so far. Again he hasn't had a full load of carries yet so its hard to say, unless you count blowout carries against Arizone. He seems to be learning the system/zone blocking scheme at a pretty good pace. If he continues to progress he could be dangerous like a Priest Holmes was in KC, or like someone mentioned earlier about Shannahans backs in Denver. If we become dominant at zone blocking and cut blocking like those teams were, than I think any back with patience and ability to read could be very good in this offense. If you could sprinkle in some tackle breaking ability, pass blocking, and pass catching than we have a Hall Of Famer potential. Those traits I just mentioned and durability seem to be the ones that separate the better backs and the traits I feel he needs to improve on from his limited plays. He could get there, he has made progress.
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  • I think its likely the next Seahawks top running back might still be playing high school ball. Is there another Franco Harris out there for us, or another Shaun Alexander?

    Boy we hope so.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • I think given the age, the question should be will he be taking Robinson's place? I really like Robinson in the fullback role, but he is 29 and you can see that he is slowing down when he is covering kicks. Where he was always in the first wave of players down at the ball carrier, he is now getting there with the second wave. With the small amount of true fullbacks coming out of college, converting a running back seems to be the way to go nowadays or just go with a TE. Turbin obviously has the build to be an effective lead blocker and he has the traits that made John L Williams such a threat from that position.
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