Good Luck against the Bills

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Re: Good Luck against the Bills
Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:06 pm
  • It's the Pats, it's December, It's in NE and HFA is still within their reach.

    I don't care who the other team is, that recipe doesn't miss. Sure, the Niners are capable of doing it, but not likely.

    I want the Pats to demoralize that team, I want BB to put Harbaugh in his place amongst the Douchiest of Douches and have them questioning their own confidence when they show up here.

    Hawks need to take care of business in Buffalo, but regardless of the Hawks outcome I am a big time Pats fan on Sunday. In fact I typically want the Pats to win every game they play. I just enjoy seeing their success for some reason. Brady is a surgeon and it is awesome to see the guy work when it isn't against the Hawks.
    The only concern I have and I mean only is that Bevell will get cute and pass even though Lynch is gaining yardage. 1/30/2015 - loaf
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