Fun time passing activity... rank the Hawks

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  • 1. Russell Wilson
    2. Marshawn Lynch
    3. Richard Sherman
    4. Earl Thomas
    5. Russell Okung
    6. Brandon Mebane
    7. Bobby Wagner
    8. Sidney Rice
    9. K.J. Wright
    10.Kam Chancellor

    Kind of funny i went right down through 9 till i got to 10 then had to sit and think for about 5 mins of who i would want.
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  • 1. Wilson
    2. Wilson
    3. Wilson
    4. Wilson
    5. Wilson
    6. Wilson
    7. Wilson
    8. Wilson
    9. Wilson
    10. Wilson

    OK, I'm kidding with that list.....but not entirely. The importance of the QB position in the NFL of the 2nd decade of the 21st Century cannot be overstated IMO. I simply do not see anymore Trent Dilfer types winng a SB with the way the game is now. Russ is the shit and he will not rest until he's compiled a HOF career and won more than one SB.

    With all that said, here's a more reasonable list (strength up the middle anyone?)

    1. Russ
    2. Sherm
    3. Okung
    4. ET
    5. Unger
    6. Lynch
    7. Mebane
    8. Wagner
    9. Wright
    10. Chancellor
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  • 1. Russell Wilson
    2. Richard Sherman
    3. Earl thomas
    4. Kam Chancellor
    5. Golden tate
    6. Sidney Rice
    7. Chris Clemons
    8. Marshawn Lynch
    9. Michael Robinson
    10. Max Unger
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  • Looking good guys. Hopefully we get a couple of more lists in and I'll compile them tomorrow so the overall rankings are ready prior to gametime on Sunday in Toronto. Now... let me clarify one thing. Anybody that does this should NOT go back after the game and re-rank their original post. Just do a new post entirely. Also, those of you who don't do one before game time, just do your first one after the game against Buffalo (or during it, either way). What I'll do is just make a new chart showing where guys sit about Friday of next week. I hope that makes sense. I'm glad you guys are seeing that this activity is pretty darn hard. If that doesn't show what a wizard the PC/JS connection is, then I don't know what does. This thing would have been easy as pie 4 years ago.
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