A Russian's first taste of American football (Times intern)

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  • Loved reading his perspective. Thanks for posting.
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  • mikeak wrote:Love it - as a foreigner in this country I can relate

    1) For those surprised about the police presence at soccer games in Europe - you really have no idea. I have been to many soccer games where we were met at the trainstation by police, we had police around the bars that we went to before the game, we got led into caged in areas of the stadium, we had to wait 45 minutes after the game before we could leave, escorted back to the train and still somehow we managed to have a nice little brawl with a few hundred people involved that the media didn't like........

    And people think America isnt safe :roll:
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  • Very enjoyable read, thank you for sharing. I imagine something very similar would occur if they sent an American to write about a cricket match.

    I liked "they wore more clothes than usual, but their dancing was still incendiary"

    And probably my favorite:
    "But then a Seahawk player wearing the number 24 (Marshawn Lynch), took the ball, rushed to the end zone and fell. The stadium was in ecstasy. Then I realized I had just watched my first touchdown! And Seattle earned six points in one fell swoop!"

    I just love the accidental suggestion that falling (not just rushing to the end zone) is somehow integral to scoring a TD...

    cheers /td
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  • Then there is a support group called the Seagals. They had more clothes on than usual because of the cool weather, but their dancing was still incendiary. The climax was the Seahawks’ players running onto the field from a tunnel. First, they released a live hawk, and then came the players. Firecrackers, fireworks, smoke

    :lol: :thirishdrinkers:
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  • That was fun to read. The game is crazy confusing if you have no background with it.
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  • This is the picture that leads the Russian version of his article. Imagine seeing this and knowing nothing about the sport. :shock:

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  • good read, but why the hell did they put him in the press box? he should have been down on the field
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  • tdigitee wrote:Very enjoyable read, thank you for sharing. I imagine something very similar would occur if they sent an American to write about a cricket match.

    They didn't go but they watched and wrote about it :) ... cket-maybe
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