Did we make a mistake with letting Braylon go?

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  • EastCoastHawksFan wrote:The Jets like headlines , I thought that was obvious.

    Pretty sad if the Jets thought signing a underachieving journeyman WR again was exciting headline worthy.
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  • volsunghawk wrote:
    Sgt. Largent wrote:
    Navyhawkfan187 wrote:Because Braylon has a hamstring issue that they felt would keep him out at least 3 games.

    Then why would the Jets sign him?

    Not saying Edwards was playing great, but he did have a TD catch (and almost a 2nd one in Chicago)........and is more dangerous than Martin. Just a little confusing is all if Rice's foot problem was known prior to the release.

    The Jets may have signed him because they know they're tied to Sanchez at QB, and they have zero WRs who have any chemistry or connection with him. Edwards did at one point, and they may be trying to recapture that (in other words, they're thinking longer-term than just the last 3 weeks of the season).

    This is rational and well constructed. Which is why I disagree. ;) My take is: It's the Jets. They're a mess right now, and they aren't really bound to, ya know, rational thought.
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  • the jets and braylon deserve each other.
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  • The Jets have had a ton of injuries at WR. Edwards obviously knows the system. This, at the very least, is a team signing a street FA that is familiar with their offensive system, and can contribute right away. Similar to NE signing Branch again; they needed a body that knows the system.

    The other more in depth speculation could be correct, but I think that's the major factor.

    If Rice can't go, we need to run more 2 TE sets with McCoy and Miller, and just run and pass out of the same formation. We really want to screw up Buffalo, start out with the 2 TE sets and run no huddle.
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  • T.O. anyone?
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  • Bigpumpkin wrote:Hence, the decision to release Mr. Edwards.

    Didn't realize that the Hawks signed Braylon's father.

    How old is he?
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  • This is a good thing
    They will have to spread the ball around and throw to tes and rbs more
    This is going to make us use the playbook on the road which is exactly what I want to see
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  • Edwards was never fully committed to this offense. Just didn't seem to be all in, at any point in the season. It was apparent in everything he did. In that respect, I believe he met the same fate as Winslow and TO. Guys like that can be a cancer on a team as cohesive as this one. Not bad guys per se, just not drinking the Kool Aid. And I get the impression that PC is one of the great Kool Aid peddlers in the game. I drank it,and it was good! :-)
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  • Jermaine Kearse. Even though he couldn't bring in the would-be TD pass from Flynn. I didn't see it as a drop, but I only saw it the one time.
    Was it really a drop by Kearse? Anyone got a video link to that play?

    I think releasing Edwards is basically saying that Pete thinks a healthy, all-in Jermaine Kearse helps the team more than a nicked up, less-committed Braylon Edwards. I'll go with that. And that having Charly Martin on special teams helps the team more than keeping Edwards around. I guess Edwards must have sucked as a special teams contributor.

    And the Jets are desperately thin at WR so that even an injured Edwards is better than their #2 receiver. That's what's really going on, the Jets are desperate and taking a flyer on Edwards just like they did on Tebow. Plus Sanchez and Brayon already have some chemistry from before.
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