To much Breno Hate

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Re: To much Breno Hate
Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:17 pm
  • SirTed wrote:I just don't understand people on this board sometimes.

    As somebody said, this is the type of guy we've wanted on this team for years, especially when we had a bunch of soft ass o linemen who got pushed around. Offensive linemen have to be a nasty bunch. This guy takes penalties, but A LOT of the recent ones have had more to do with his reputation than the actual play. Yes, he has the rep. for a reason, but to me it's something you live with, assuming his play justifies a start.

    Does no one consider that Marshawn's running style has caused A LOT of these late hit style penalties? I don't blame Lynch at all, but when you have a back that never quits, and has busted more than one improbable run after being locked up, YOU WANT your o-line to make those hustle plays to try and spring him, and Breno pushes that boundary, but I'd rather he did that than let our guy go down.

    It's really frustrating seeing a bunch of you apparently hoping for choir boys around here. THAT'S the type of team that we had under Ruskell and personally, I don't EVER want to see a team like that again.

    I'll take Brandon Browner's PI's and defensive holds over Kelly Jennings and Marcus Trufant. I'll take Breno's over aggressiveness over Locklear's complacency.

    I agree 100%
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Re: To much Breno Hate
Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:31 pm
  • AbsolutNET wrote:21 other guys on the field manage to do it on a regular basis.

    And lets not kid ourselves into thinking his personal fouls aren't because he loses his cool or decides to disregard the whistle.

    My point is, that if we have SF at home and need points to win the division, his "sheer aggression and adrenaline" that puts on us in 3rd and long and out of field goal range in the 4th quarter won't be quite as acceptable.

    And lets not also kid ourselves and act likes it such a big deal. He has 2 Unnecessary roughness and 2 personal fouls for a total of 4 after the whistle penalties. Ill take 4 against him in 13 games for his edge. I think everyone here has blown his after the whistle penalties out of proportion.

    All im saying is I truly believe his edge and fight have given us more of an advantage even with his penalties then having someone like locklear back
    hawksincebirth wrote:
    So Russell has leverage but marshawn doesn't ? I thought its next man up. Hey we got t jack and bj Daniels right ??
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Re: To much Breno Hate
Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:36 pm
  • Maybe we can also keep in mind this is his first full season starting. Browner got a full season under his belt, then reduced his penalties quite a bit.
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Re: To much Breno Hate
Thu Dec 13, 2012 3:58 pm
  • He's starting to get real tick tacky calls against him because he has the reputation for being dirty. A reputation that he brought on himself. He shouldn't have been penalized on the play in the AZ game. He did absolutely nothing wrong. The whistle had not even blown yet.
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