PC + RW: Peas in a pod

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PC + RW: Peas in a pod
Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:46 am
  • I've been watching a number of PC's pressers recently on that other website.

    I'll say that I am impressed. He seems to try to answer questions honestly, with humility, but with confidence in his system and his talents. He's rarely if ever negative. It's always about "how do we improve?" instead of "what went wrong?".

    In that respect, he and RW seem like two peas in a pod. PC is a somewhat better interview :shock: but their philosophy seems very similar. Play to improve. Play the game that's at hand, and don't look too far in the future. Don't spend time worrying about individual awards or records.

    In a world that's sometimes full of negatives, I love having a HC and QB who try very hard to be about the positives. I just can't imagine PC going after the kicker (!) like a certain former coach of ours did.

    I'm not some kind of new-age zen guy. But I do believe that you can look for the positives and strive to improve yourself, and that doing so is the best way forward. I think we'll see that in the rest of this season, and in the next few years if we're fortunate enough to still have these guys.
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