"Seahawks Show No Class in 58-0 Rout of Arizona"

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  • His response to one of the comments:

    "My response is in the article itself. Please take your defensive Seahawks fan goggles off and read it again if you are going to comment. What is actually being said is different than most of the commenters are interpreting it. "

    Like anybody who would be commenting didn't already lose enough brain cells while reading that drivel the first time.
    I used to be Bitter.
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  • Guys a freakin douche!!!
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  • I see the Patriots are winning 42 to 7 over the Houston Texans with just over 2 minutes to go... and they're still playing full speed with Tom Brady and all their starters in. Those bad Patriots beating that poor Houston team, they should let them catch up. That is such a low class move, I can't believe that they would do that...LOL

    sorry, hope that is not out of line but I just had to do that

    I think I have finally had a realization that even if the Seahawks had RG III or Luck and Russell was on the Redskins (I'm glad we have Russell), the media would still focus on the Redskins or other big market teams and our lowly Seahawks would get no love. Even so, I love the fight in our team and the players (and coaches), this is a great team to be a fan of, in a great town. Go Hawks!
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  • Dohboy, Dohboy.

    You sir, are a genius.
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  • @DohBoy: That is the hardest I have laughed at a thread. Ever. Amazing.
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Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:21 pm
  • CaptainSkybeard wrote:When they literally drop the ball right at your feet and there is a clear path to the endzone are you just supposed to take a knee? Wtf.

    We might have looked good but it was on them they (insert here) suck
    Week 1 of the preseason vs. The Tennessee Titans, I said the Seahawks were winning the superbowl...

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  • Zebulon Dak wrote:What a pussy.

    Nahh, he ain't that good.
    Dweeb?, Dufus?, Pecker Head? yep!
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  • Well if it's any consolation the Patriots made it a STATEMENT game tonight with the rout of the Texans where we just run up the score.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • warden wrote:running up the score

    OK we apologize that our back ups kicked your ass too

    Wisenheimer, er, Wisenhunt or whatever probably felt real bad about beating the Pete Carroll Seahawks last Year and earlier this Season while we were still developing, and searching for our iden-titty, but you know damned good and well he didn't, nor did his players.
    They didn't appologize when the asshole who sacked Matt Hasselbeck, then stuck his elbow in his throat,,Screw their crybaby asses, AND their fans.
    Fact is, I would love to have seen Russell Wilson get a couple more passing TD's to close the gap on Mannings Rookie Season record, and Pete showed a hell of a lot of class by not stomping them while they were down (guess it goes without saying I don't have any sympathy for those who snivel)
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  • ... is-asinine

    Here is a CBS article that someone posted in the comments. My favorite part:

    "So, in 25 minutes of action, Flynn attempted nine whole passes -- the Seahawks only threw the ball 22 times the whole game! -- and Arizona simply wasn't able to stop Seattle's backups. That's not on Carroll, whose job isn't described as 'taking mercy on Ken Whisenhunt and the pitiful Cardinals.'"
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  • Maybe if they didn't want the score run up...THEY SHOULD HAVE TRIED TO STOP US!!! What are we supposed to do? DROP all of those picks and fumbles that came our way? Sounds like someone needs to have their diaper changed!
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  • Its not our fault they absolutely gave up, Cardinals should be ashamed of themselves.

    Dude looks like he needs cooler friends or something, Christ almighty!
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  • People are basing their opinion on the score alone, not on the fact that we actually did let up the last 25 minutes of the game.

    The real focus should be on why a bunch of grown men that are apparently professionals decided to slap the sport and their fans, their employers, and the game in the face by giving up and still collect millions of dollars in income that day.
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  • You wasn't so much that we ran up the score...more of Arizona couldn't HANG ON TO THE BALL!! :lol: It really WASN'T about our offense so much as it was our defense and special teams.
    You've got to be willing to go against the tide. You've got to be be willing to harness your will and say In spite of this I'm in control here! I'm coming back and I'll be stronger and better because of it!
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  • Like Merril Hoge said .. what is the defense supposed to do when John Skelton keeps throwing the ball to them? What is the special teams supposed to do when Patrick Peterson fumbles twice inside his own 20, one of which was recovered in the end zone?

    lol .. We won by 58 with our starting QB attempting 13 passes.. if that doesn't scream we tried to hold back, I don't know what does.

    Furthermore.. you know how hard it must have been for PC to coach that second half? I mean come on.. it's pro football.. we can't just quit either.
    ImTheScientist wrote:This guy is the closest thing to beast mode we will ever see. You got a glimpse of that yesterday. He was instantly my favorite player when they signed him. Give the dude a chance and don't overreact or overthink preseason. Go Hawks. Lacy will rush for 1,100 and 10TDs. Bend the knee.
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  • He whines about us not playing our "normal game". Normal for us this year is to give up 17 point leads in the 4th quarter.

    We finally stepped on a team, and now we're getting all this angst. I'm not sure if the general antipathy of the entire league about us was better when were some non descript team from South Alaska, or if the growing hatred towards us is better.

    Personally, I don't mind being hated ,but I don't want to be the Raiders either. They ended up getting such a bad rap, the refs ran around with the flags in their hands all day and not in their pockets.

    Seeing that kid's picture, I wonder if his nuts have even dropped yet. He sure as hell hasn't played football, and doesn't know much about it. We pulled our starting QB way quicker than Belichick pulled his last night. And frankly, I'm surprised he pulled Brady at all, it's not his m.o.
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  • This Cooper dude is;

    1. Young (raised in the everybody get's a participation ribbon/shouldn't hurt other team's feelings generation)
    2. Cardinals fans (butthurt over getting spanked)
    3. Canadian (land of socialist equality and manners)
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  • KitsapHawk wrote:
    TheHawkster wrote:just when I feel like sending the writer a letter calling him out, I see his picture.


    Really kid?
    You wanna know whats classless?
    You writing about ANYTHING and anyone paying attention to it.

    I'm just gonna be nice since its not in the shack.

    LOL. Makes me wonder if hes ever touched a football.

    Makes me wonder if he's ever touched a woman!
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  • Where does it say in the rulebook that you're not supposed to score when you have the ball? Where?
    Offense wins highlight reels.
    Defense wins championships.
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  • It would be funny and for more embarrassing if Seattle just always drove it to the one in the second half and then turned it over. Wonder what the media would have said then? Sooo classy.
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  • He brings a whole new meaning to the term "beat writer."
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