NFL32 - Tim Hasselbeck defends Seahawks

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NFL32 - Tim Hasselbeck defends Seahawks
Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:54 pm
  • Out of the great plays and achievements that came out of our win . . .

    The only thing the Media has for a story is that Seahawks were running up the score passing late in game with big lead

    Adam Schefter and Hume Edwards both crying foul ? Tim Hasselbeck backing the Seahawks

    Media definitely gives off the vibe of bitterness, hate and/or dislike of pete carroll/ Seahawks

    Don't care if they question the play calling with the score what it was

    But - I definitely care that they fail to report on the actual plays/accomplishments from the game

    can we please get some real coverage

    This Bias . . . or hatred or whatever you want to call it is getting ridiculously old
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  • wilbon showed some love on pti. saying the hawks are in beastmode right now and a dangerous team
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    Aros wrote:

    Wait, MizzouHawkGal is a DUDE??
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  • A couple of guys on around the horn also defended us. Although the host of that show just had to bring up the Green Bay game again. Haters gonna hate, nothin else to it
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  • Actually Merril Hoge, Jaworski, and Wilbon all defended Seattle too. Wilbon even went on to say why isnt anybody talking about this team. He then said "Oh because its all about Phillys struggles, the NYG trying to find a rhythm, and RGIII in Washington." Wilbons on the Seahawk bandwagon.
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  • Oh yeah . . forgot Jaworski was showing love, didn't see the PTI - plenty of room left on the seahawks media bandwagon!

    Just had to vent, as I said - don't mind the questioning of the playcall with us leading 50+

    Just irritating that most media coverage that is the emphasis, when so many other good stories left untold

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  • Seems like they will never get over the packer game, unless we kick their @$$ in the playoffs.
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  • no then it will be about the packers lack of focus, or penalties, or they couldn't find the rhythm, or rogers must be injured.. it will never be seattle kicked their A** flat out....
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  • I feel like all those guys are idiots. When we win the superbowl they will be all over our &$&$&% and I will still feel like they are idiots. I do not wish for their approval or care about it because they are idiots. Every single one of them.
    Hasselbeck wrote:Matt Flynn should be our starter. Wilson is nothing more than a backup and will never amount to anything in this league.
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  • Listen to 'The Herd' today on my way back from the airport.

    Colin was gushing over Wilson and the Seahawks, even admitted he was wrong about us and Wilson multiple times.

    He still doesn't like Pete, but has no where near the disdain he had earlier in the season.

    Seriously, he mentioned Wilson in almost every breath, just kept bringing him up again and again.

    Gotta say I enjoyed it.
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