Seattle Seahawks running up the score?

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Re: Seattle Seahawks running up the score?
Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:18 pm
  • Fans were wanting the team to be judged in the upper echelon. Getting accused of cheating and running up the score seems very Patriot-like, so we got that going for us, which is good.

    The 4th and 23 was a little surprising but other than that, I didn't think they were doing things out of the norm for running a 4 minute offense for the entire 4th quarter.
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Re: Seattle Seahawks running up the score?
Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:37 pm
  • The only reason people are saying we ran up the score is because of those 2 long passes by Flynn that were dropped by the receivers, and that short pass for a 3rd down conversion that the Cards didn't play well at all that led to the Washington TD.
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Re: Seattle Seahawks running up the score?
Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:55 pm
  • Felt like a college game. We coulda had 70 points easily. RW might have had 4 tds to better his chances at 27 for the season.
    Who woulda thought after week 1 that we'd have this game against them? 39 fantasy points from defense alone, hell yea.
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  • By my count we ran 36 plays in the 2nd half and thru the ball 10 times (and the vast majority of those were short passes). The issue is they couldn't stop our run game.

    Quick math

    1st half - 12 passes and 16 runs
    2nd Half - 10 passes and 26 runs

    We let up on the gas - the Cards just kept turning it over and couldn't stop the run. You still have to keep playing the game!
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  • Edwards probably didn't even take time to watch the game. It's idiotic. As I mentioned somewhere else and someone pointed out in this thread already, why did Arizona keep passing? It stops the clock. 4th and 23, could of kicked a field goal and instead we went for it. What should you do punt? In the future if you have it down at their five yard line, do you just punt it out of the endzone for a -15 net?

    I understand we live in America and there comes a point when somebody is getting beat down that we begin to think of them as a sad victim, but good grief, Arizona carries the blame 100% in this game. They shoulda took the air out of the ball. Maybe they should have forfeited, they didn't want to be out there anyway. I am embarrassed for those guys.
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  • seahwkfvr wrote:Why can't the Seahawks get praised for a victory? We blow them out of the water, and then gives us crap for running the score up

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  • Perhaps if Edwards had "run up the score" a few more times in his coaching tenures, he'd still be on the field and not working as a mop-up scrub for ESPN.

    BTW, I know the following is Wiki...but it's entertaining nonetheless:

    "Overall, Edward's tenure as head coach of the Jets was marred by chronic clock management problems, an ultra-conservative "play not to lose" mentality, and a lack of any discernible defensive philosophy, despite Edwards' supposed expertise in the Cover 2 defense.
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  • Before everyone goes hating on Herm Edwards, remember he was one of the few talking heads on ESPN defending the Hawks after the MNF win against GB.
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