Anybody else notice Flynn's OVERSIZED helmet ??

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  • ....or, does he have THAT big of a head ???

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  • equipment dude mixed his up with giacomini's
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  • bryantology79 wrote:equipment dude mixed his up with giacomini's


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  • bryantology79 wrote:equipment dude mixed his up with giacomini's was Big Reds ;)
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  • I didn't notice the helmet size, but he looks REALLY tall now after watching Russell behind center all these weeks.

    In all seriousness, it's good to have a quality backup on the roster. I was glad when we signed Flynn and I still am.
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  • he looked good. it's just that we're used to russ....
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  • These questions keep coming up about heads and helmets. I've been wondering if it's a design change cause quite a few of them look weird this season.
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  • zhawk wrote:it's just that we're used to russ....

    Nah, people pointed this out way back in the first preseason game as well.
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