PFT per Schefter: Sherman appeal could be pushed back

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  • Best case scenario is he takes the suspension the first four games next year. Gives us all offseason to get our replacement ready to be the starter.
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  • tubbs51 wrote:Is there an actual chance his suspension could be overturned?

    Well, sort of. There have been a couple that were, but it's almost unheard of. It'd be like a less than 5% chance of happening. Maybe less.
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  • I know a player suspended for PEDs in ineligible for the Pro Bowl, but if the suspension is pended until next year can Sherman still go to the Pro Bowl this year?
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  • I doubt Sherman even makes the Pro Bowl. The rest of the league hates him.
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  • Intersting...........
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  • Thurmond is picking up where he left off and playing well. If he can hold down the fort on the other side, we can play Browner and him at the same time if/when Sherman gets suspended.
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  • Even as someone that thinks Sherman has essentially a 0% chance of winning his appeal, I think this is great news. It would suck if he was forced to start serving it in the 49ers game and then miss most/all of the playoffs.
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  • Hopefully pushed back to next year.
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