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  • EastCoastHawksFan wrote:anybody got the link with Kiper and Gruden agruing about Wilson

    That was in the first video, wasn't it?
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  • Hasselbeck wrote:
    SeaTown81 wrote:

    Both these guys have that nice used-car salesman stench to them don't they?

    I think that's just their sponsor, Axe Shower Gel.
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  • SeaTown81 wrote:

    Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber :16: that's hysterically comical shit right there,,Can you imagine what these jokers are saying to each other now?
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  • SeaTown81 wrote:

    Wow. Haven't seen that before. Where are these useless chumps now? Love the comment about "amateur hour", never heard of either of these ass clowns.
    Tru2RedNGold25 wrote:Us as Niners fan have every right to rep Niners all day everyday when we have the hardware to back it up do can u guys say that???

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  • I think Flying Greg was one of the first. I jumped on the RW before the draft but I certainly wasn't the first.
    "God Bless Russell Wilson"
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