Per Twitter-Dockett to have limited role?

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  • razgriz737 wrote:If anyone's curious, it was announced that Docket was fined 200k for the spitting incident. 200k.

    Excellent. It's time these big dollar imbeciles actually feel the pang of a fine. Fining a multi-millionaire $5,000 for such transgressions don't send much of a message.

    I really wanted Dockett coming out of FSU. He played with an attitude but wasn't known to be a spitter at the time. But we were already set forever, having used our 1st on Marcus Tubbs earlier in the day.
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  • I hope they don't fire Whiz before the game this week. They're setting themselves up for better draft position by "letting" teams score. Maybe this week they'll punt on first down. What a train wreck.
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  • Wow. $200,000 is the biggest NFL player fine I've ever heard for a single incident. Tsk tsk, his disagreement must have been of the vehement kind.
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  • wow 200k seems like a bit much even for something disgusting like spitting, totally unrelated but Patriots were fined 500k for Bountygate.
    I really hope this puts a strain on their relationship and leads the team to trading to a team in the AFC.
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  • drdiags wrote:Hearing more details, it was stated that Ray Horton had told the defense to let the Jets score so the Cardinals could get one last chance to score and with a 2 pt conversion, tie the game. Dockett refused to do it and after the play had an on-field argument with Rhodes. So the penalty is for insubordination. Failing to follow the directions of the coach, which makes more sense than the original spitting on Rhodes issue being the reason the Cardinals put a 6 figure fine on him.

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    Docketts fined more than 100k. Refused to folol whiz order to let jets score. Picked tiff with Rhodes. May see mor punishment sunday

    "folol" probably means "follow"

    i dont blame him really. I would have a hard time lettng the Jets score as well. It is a matter of pride. Plus it was highly unlikely that the Cards offense was going to rally and win the game with the way they have been performing.

    I am with Docket on this one.
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  • How would you like to be Ryan Lindley in the same locker room with Dockett this week?
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  • Scottemojo wrote:How would you like to be Ryan Lindley in the same locker room with Dockett this week?

    lol It can't be any worse than playing behind that offensive line
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