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Re: Edwards TD - Pereira - Carey
Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:42 pm
  • hawksfanohio wrote:I thought it was ridiculous when Pereira says on the Edwards call that he believed it wasn't a td, which was clearly giving his opinion against the Seahawks. Then on the game winning Rice td, wouldn't even acknowledge the touchdown. He was on the air trying to figure out ways it "might" not be a touchdown. It was like he didn't even want to give his opinion at all that time. I can't remember his exact words though. Does anyone else remember this? I was thinking wow, this guy is consistent at least with his bias lol.

    See my previous post. I TOTALLY caught that after the score. He was sitting there trying to figure out a way to NOT count it as a TD, even saying "what you must do is prove that he was on the way down when the ball came out blah blah blah" regardless of the fact that Rice had the ball across the plane prior to it coming out.

    It all worked out, but MP is a major tool.

    I am going to add and mention this one thing that truly annoyed me from SBXL. After Leavy came out and owned up to the blown calls, MP was sitting there defending him. In fact, on the play that really killed the Hawks (Locklear holding) his quote was "The Seahawk fans just need to let it go, it was a good call and if anything they should be upset at the offsides on Pittsburgh that wasn't called on that play"

    Now when that play happened, Haggans was offsides by a MILE, so much so that after the pass when the flag came out, my entire family room, including two Steeler fans called it offsides from the get go. No problem, the Steeler fans there were just instantly bummed. Then they made the holding call on Lock WHO WAS TRYING TO BLOCK HAGGANS WHO WAS OFFSIDES TO BEGIN WITH. Even MP admitted it. For him to say that and then claim the holding call was a good call after a completion to the one is just a kick to the groin. I truly despise MP, that is for sure.

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