Hopefully HAN can lower the shield in time

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  • Cartire wrote:Here it comes.

    Every single columnist/pundit, sports site, booky, expert ... (fill in the blank), is picking SEA. I mean, I get it, of course they would. But the lack of not even one upset pick has me worried already.


    Somebody needs to call Tebow to circumcise that one-eyed trouser snake sticking out of the side of his head! Egads!
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  • I'm with kearly.


    "Shaquem Griffin tells ESPN after he got drafted by Seattle; 'I can't breathe.' That's the only time you'll hear him say he can't do something." - Dan Wetzel via Twitter.
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  • Like I said in another thread...

    I usually don't think about upcoming games with alot of emotion, I save that for gametime. But I'm feelin alot of it right now....and I'd put my last dollar on it that the Hawks are too.....
    Its not a trap game for us........ITS A STATEMENT GAME....We just beat the Bears on their playground....and we're damn sure not gonna loose to the Tards on ours!!!

    Way to many reasons to win this game...revenge for one....stay in the playoff hunt for another....and being perfect at home this year

    no sir....I'm not worried about this one.
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  • Russell Skywalker is just gonna have to pull some Jedi mind tricks and maybe even force-choke some Cardinals, if it comes to that.
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  • All of this jinx-ish talk is rubbish. We cleared the double digit mark for a spread because we're objectively 10 points better in an average game on our field. The wider spread, the more likely it is that we win outright. The predictive power of wider spreads has proven out in the long-term to indicate a higher likelihood of a win. All of the rest of this is magic and voodoo.
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  • volsunghawk wrote:We. Do. Not. Lose. At. Home.

    Not this year. And not to this team.

    Everyone worrying about Skelton... well, he's never played in Seattle.

    Everyone worried about the 2 game losing streak to Arizona... both games were on the road. Arizona hasn't won in Seattle since 2009.

    And one thing Carroll said has me confident that this team won't play down to the competition. He said (paraphrasing), "The team knows that if we lose this game, it will undo what we accomplished in Chicago."

    This will not be a repeat of the Miami game, and it will not be a repeat of the Week 1 game.

    This is new, and it will be glorious.

    Do not doubt me, fools! :mrgreen:

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