Gil Brandt wakes up from his nap, realizes R. Wilson is good

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  • IBleedBlueAndGreen wrote:Sorry, lost me at the Doug Flutie comparison. I hate that crap.

    He did say faster and more talented.

    But yeah, that's the problem a lot of analysts are having, they're having a hard time coming up with comparisons........because there really aren't any. Flutie, Tarkenton, Brees..........ehhh, none really are fair.
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  • Really all that means is that RW is breaking the mold and the stereotype. One day future QBs will be compared to him.
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  • SoulfishHawk wrote:Is that you Will?

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  • misfit wrote:
    Hollandhawk wrote:
    sc85sis wrote:Isn't he the guy who described Russell as a career backup when Russell was drafted?

    Scott Pioli did that. Maybe Gil Brandt did too.. I don't know

    If you're talking about on draft day, it was Bill Polian. He said "every team needs a good backup QB. Russell Wilson is that."

    Yes, that's the quote I was thinking of. Apologies to Mr. Brandt.
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