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  • By the way, where's this guy's post on this thread?
    cboom wrote:Wilson is the worst QB I have seen as a Hawks fan. And I have been around long enough to see them all.
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  • I don't think Wilson has been anywhere close to the worst Seahawks qb ever, even on his worst day.
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  • The guy is 12 weeks into his professional career. Listen to us, we're ready to "crown his ass".

    Count me in. The guy makes it way too easy to forget he's a rookie. Watching him mature and improve week to week is mesmerizing. He creates an atmosphere of optimism that I can't ever remember feeling and I've been a fan for a very, very, long time.

    Not to pick on Hasselbeck but his release always looked weird to me. The trajectory of the ball never seemed to correlate well with this arm motion. Russel Wilson's throwing motion, the ball trajectory and his accuracy are a thing of beauty.

    This kid is good.
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  • He is 3mendous. And I'm lovin it.
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  • hawksfansinceday1 wrote:By the way, where's this guy's post on this thread?

    cboom wrote:Wilson is the worst QB I have seen as a Hawks fan. And I have been around long enough to see them all.

    A couple of guys seem to be distinctly missing from the discussion.
    SeaChase wrote:One thing I noticed,well in my opinion,is that Wilson isnt a good passer.
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  • NYCoug wrote:
    usc17hawk wrote:I've seen Gelbaugh, McGwire, Mirer, Freisz, Moon, Dilfer, Hamdan, and Teel.

    Don't forget Glenn Foley!

    I think Russ has the potential to be the best. If he can stay healthy for the duration of his career, I think he'll go down as the Seahawks Greatest PLAYER of all-time, not just QB.

    How dare you leave Charlie Whitehurst off this list?!

    I loved Hass. He's right up there with my favorite Hawks of all time. But I think of that 2005 offense with a seasoned RW, and all I see is dynasty.
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  • Don't forget Seneca Wallace. Personally I always admired Dave Krieg for doing what he did with what he had. I am a Wilson fan boy for sure but I'm not ready to jump on the man-crush wagon just yet.:-)
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  • Been watching since day one. RW IS the very best QB we have ever had. Please GOD keep him healthy and those doubting Thomas's who say it is too early to say this will be proven wrong.
    Moon was great but he wasent our QB till late in his career and his time with us was limited. He was a GREAT QB however
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  • I still cant believe we have a QB this good.I don't care what the press says or who gets ROY we got a man that every Seahawk fan can be proud of, on and off the field.
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  • How about he wins a playoff game first...
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  • I like him.... a lot!
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  • seahawkchris wrote:How about he wins a playoff game first...

    he will :thirishdrinkers:
    I don't know why I bother... no one cares what I think.
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  • I loved Hasselbeck but, he gave me confidence with an overwhelming sense of anxiety because
    something bad was bound to happen at any moment.
    It was a hard offense to control when your main RB goes out on passing plays.

    I believe Wilson's offense is easier to handle and he gets a lot of man to man throws.
    A run based play action offense makes my nerves happy.
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  • seahawkchris wrote:How about he wins a playoff game first...

    I hear this from a number of Hawk fans. Most of them sound like he has lost a ton of playoff games when they say it. How about you let him play in a playoff game before you go all Captain Eeyore?
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  • Yeah I've seen every Seahawks QB we've ever had play as well. While it's hard to say definitively say that Wilson is the best we've ever had at this point (he's only played 12 NFL Games after all) I will say this. He is most certainly THE most talented Seahawks QB that I've ever seen (that's my opinion). Wilson has the strongest arm (well, Dan McGwire might have had a stronger arm, but he had horrible accuracy and ZERO mobility), is the most accurate, is the best scrambler, and (most importantly of all) is the coolest under fire. He's one if he says, "We want the ball and we're going to score" -- the offense is more than likely going to score. Wilson has the most potential of any QB we've ever had and IMHO (just based upon the eye test) ... I'd say he's got all the makings of a future Super Bowl Winning QB ... and possibly a HOF'er if he keeps up this level of play. You got to bear in mind though that Rick Mirer put up decent numbers (for his era) during his Rookie Season. Look what happened to him. It's extremely highly encouraging and exciting what we've seen from Russell Wilson thus far. But only time will tell. Call me cautiously optimistic.
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