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Re: The Golden Child
Fri Dec 07, 2012 2:49 pm
  • razgriz737 wrote:
    CANHawk wrote:Amen. As a long standing and much maligned Tate backer, I am very happy to see this season's performance. Just goes to show that you can't always be knee-jerk when it comes to developing talent. Sometimes patience is rewarded.

    The same could be said Okung, IMO. Minus a few hiccups earlier this season, he's been the bright spot of our O-Line. Not long ago, many were ready to call him a bust.

    This is so true. You're both right about Tate and Okung.

    When this season started, I kept thinking of Jordy Nelson whenever I would think of Golden Tate. Like Golden, Jordy was drafted in the second round with moderately high expectations. Like Golden, his first two seasons were nothing spectacular and Packers fans were wondering if he'd ever fully realize his potential. Then, in his 3rd year, Nelson made moderate progress but so far Tate is further along in development when considering the two at the same point in their careers.

    We all know what Nelson did for the Packers last season, his 4th, in which he established all kinds of career highs. Now, he's one of Aaron Rodgers' favorite targets, although he's been banged up this season.

    I was hoping that Tate would be able to elevate his game much like Nelson has and it appears that he's a year "ahead of schedule." Dude's making big play after big play and despite the San Francisco game, has had the best hands on the team for the past 2 seasons, no question. I'm thinking big things are on the horizon for the remainder of this season, the playoffs, and next year and beyond.

    Good stuff guys.
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