Seahawks v Bills in Toronto - anyone else going?

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  • That is SO awesome that so many of you guys are actually going to be at this game. As for me, I'm a Washington guy all the way. With that, the overall expense of travel, family commitments, etc. there is no way I could go to this game. Happy to hear that the 12th Man will be well represented at this game.

    With what I've heard (in comparison) it could be like a home field advantage for us in Toronto. LOL!

    Which brings me to this: those of you actually going to this game I EXPECT to be able to hear you on my TV as I'm watching the broadcast. Go Hawks and go 12th Man! :th2thumbs:
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  • I was on facebook and there was a link to a nightclub afterparty hosted by the buffalo bills. So wether they win or lose there will be a party. TRYST nightclub

    Dont teams fly back home after the game on sundays? ... afterparty
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