They're still doing it: "Bears gave the game away"

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  • Why would anyone be surprised that Chicago Sports writers are focusing on the bears? That is what they are paid to do. When Seattle wins or loses we focus on what the Hawks did, not the other team. While we can expect some respect from national media, I wouldn't expect to get it from the city we just beat.
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  • I love this. Reading between the lined RW was lobbying for the calls and finally got things his way which you know worked out....

    I continued to tell the coaches and they saw it too," Wilson said. "Especially in the end of the game, the read option is wide open."

    That is from the tribune article linked
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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:

    Blames the Bears defense and naturally makes no mention of the horrid officiating, instead labeling them "welcome replay decisions".

    Of course, this one is a local writer, so what'd you expect.

    That's not surprising. The only possible result for this game was either a Chicago win, or Chicago somehow imploding and not being a real NFL team, because the Seahawks can't win on the road...

    I know this not because of biased Chicago sportswriters, but because half of .NET told me so.

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  • I was really starting to get upset watching that game yesterday. By the start of the 2nd quarter Our Defense was blowing so hard I thought they were gonna pack it in and call it a day. By the start of the 4th it was Chicago who looked like we did in the 2nd. That must have been one hell of a defensive struggle for both teams. Between Lynch and Russell running all over the place Our boys just gassed out Chicago. That needs to happen EVERY WEEK! ( LET WILSON GO FREE ) that is all!
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  • We both felt like the refs were going to hand Chicago the win, but our guys toughened up (for the most part) and fought for the win. I say for the most part after the catch by Marshall in the last 20 seconds.
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  • Bitter wrote:Strahan said something to the effect of "Chicago didn't lose, Seattle flat out beat them" in the post game show.

    Strahan was gushing over Wilson, while Terry, Howie and Jimmy just sat there mute. :lol:
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  • Err........isn't this the same stuff we say when our defense doesn't stop last minute drives?

    Chicago fans and writers are just like Seattle fans and writers, they think their defense is good enough to not choke away games.
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  • hawksfansinceday1 wrote:
    twisted_steel2 wrote:
    AnchoviesofTerror wrote:
    i wasnt able to catch wat happened, how did chicago get a fg with 30 seconds left on the clock?

    Cutler threw a 50 yard prayer up, and Sherman thought he had an easy interception... but Marshall jumped in front of him for the reception. It was insane. Basically a hail mary that they converted because Marshall just wanted it more, guy was in the zone.

    Sherman should have batted it down.

    Let me translate: Defense totally gagged when Hawks had the game in hand due to shit pass rush and shit coverage on the only guy the Bears had today, Brandon Marshall. Fortunately they were bailed out by Russell Wilson and the offense after shitting the bed on the Bears last posession.

    did you stick around long enough to see it? I mean you were packing it in within the first 5 minutes on the game thread... christ, give it a rest
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  • Nothing new here. I watched the show NFL AM this morning and some talking head was discussing RW and the Hawks (which was great) but the video being shown was the pass from Cutler to Marshall and then the Bears game tying field goal. Those two plays plus the RW pass to Rice for the win was the only highlight video available for the entire game. ESPN showed the same 3 highlights.

    Meanwhile, the cowpukes game had 10 minutes of video and analysis.
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  • Who cares? I'd say that the Seahawks gave away the Detroit and Miami games and I'm sure their fans would be all butt hurt about it. Fans of opposing teams will always have different perspectives on a game
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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:

    Blames the Bears defense and naturally makes no mention of the horrid officiating, instead labeling them "welcome replay decisions".

    Of course, this one is a local writer, so what'd you expect.

    heard nothing but love for Wilson last 36 hours really....people i like like Dilfer...had noce things to say
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