The main area where our defense has really regressed

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  • Red zone defense.

    We have allowed a whole bunch of TD's in the redzone. Today was no different. I can't remember the last time we forced a FG.

    What the heck happened?
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  • Well we did one better than holding the Bears to 3 on the 2nd series by stuffing a 4th down play
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  • I think it is LB play with some small chips in our DL. LB coverage is weak, buy experience will improve it,

    I do have scheme concerns if the D isn't improved. ET drops deep, our behemoth, sloth corners lock down the sides leaving a fat middle. Im sad to say that Chancellor has been underwhelming and miffed reads and crucial angles. Anyone miss BigPlayBabs? Need a good nickelback or a coverage LB and our stud defense will reappear.
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