Quick Thoughts on the Hawks Win

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Quick Thoughts on the Hawks Win
Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:59 pm
  • So many things to say today.....

    1.) What more can you say about Russell Wilson. This guy is superhero, warrior, and the MAN all in one. Just absolutely unbelieveable performance from a ROOKIE QB. I've only ever had one Hawks jersey, a Matt Hasselbeck once which I got back in '04, but I think it's time to officially order my Russell Wilson jersey tonight!

    2.) The freaking refs ALMOST jobbed us of a win today big time. The first blunder was giving immediate possession to the Bears on their muffed punt in the first quarter, which made the play unreviewable. Ridiculous call to make. How can you be so sure about possession on such a bang bang play? The second blunder that was made of course was the Braylon Edwards TD catch. If you get 2 hands under the ball it doesn't matter if it touches the ground after that as long as the ball does not move throughout the catch, and that's exactly what happened. I saw PC yelling his guts out at the refs so I know he agrees. Calls seemed to generally go the Bears way all game- how about Branch being called for the personal foul on Cutler while sliding, yet they do the same exact crap on RW and there's no call? How does our O-line get called for holding and their patchwork line of misfits gets none all day? All in all, it was almost Super Bowl XL-esque the way calls were going against us today.

    3.) I was extremely happy to see the running game back on track today. I really think last week's running performance should be chalked up to post-bye week blues. One thing I will say though is that our LG position is still something to be desired. Too bad about Carp getting injured again....

    4.) I was going to mention this even before the first half is over, but I really think our receiving corps is coming together. We obviously don't have a Brandon Marshall, but we do have 4 solid guys in Rice, Tate, Baldwin, and Miller. A healthy Rice can be more than solid too IMO, he's a playmaker and makes outstanding catches. Tate has been developing into a nice 3rd down possesion receiver as well.

    5.) Three really bad mistakes by the defense today. The hands to the face penalty on Irvin really hurt bad, extending a drive that led to a Bears TD, and it was legit too. The Sherman hold that extended their drive on their first TD was also a bad mistake, and lastly, wtf were doing not double/triple covering Marshall on their last drive?? PC and Bradley have some 'splaining to do on that one.

    6.) I was also disappointed by our inability to contain Cutler. The LB's and safeties I'm sure were told all week that they needed to watch out for a running Cutler and yet how many times did he run free to the sticks? The juke move he made on ET was flat out embarrassing and the icing on the cake.

    7.) The lack of sacks and a general pass rush against one of the worst O-lines in the league should be concerning. It's nice that 3 of the next 4 games are at home, but do we really need to depend on the 12th man all the time for a legitimate pass rush? I know many will give Irvin a break because he is a rook and yes, he has his fair share of sacks (though many of them at not such critical times during games) but I'm not seeing him being an impact player on the field. Is he impacting the game, disrupting opposing offenses with either sacks and pressures at critical times during the game?

    Overall, great needed win on the road. MVP, superhero, etc award goes to RW today.
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