A great article by Hawkblogger

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Re: A great article by Hawkblogger
Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:43 pm
  • dunceface wrote:Even if they are guilty I will not be in the group chastising them to the hilt because this is a thing that is rampant in the league and only gets punished when they decide to pick some from the crowd just like the NCAA coming down on USC so hard when what they were doing is practically protocol at every big school...
    Get off your high horses and root for your players! GO HAWKS!

    Why can't I be in the middle somewhere?

    Sorry, but this is more complex than just "EITHER YOU'RE WITH EM OR AGAINST EM!" If Browner and Sherman are guilty, I stand by my "you guys are dumb" statement. Doesn't mean I want em' kicked off the team, but yeah they're credibility is going to be knocked down a few rungs in my book.
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Re: A great article by Hawkblogger
Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:50 pm
  • What he said ^^^^

    I stated in my original post that if they are guilty (still an IF) then they should get the penalty and then we move on. They should take the penalty shut up about and not cheat again. If a player is caught taking illegal substances he cheated and that is it. You move on after that and they can still be great people, athletes and pieces of society.

    It is not murder or beating your wife it is taking something illegal and you move on (and no I don't move on from people beating their wife which is why I can't stand Jason Kidd)
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