Why they can't win on the road (PC pay attention)

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  • dunceface wrote:Call me a dirty optimist but I think losses like this are games that stick in a players mind and overall lead to better more urgent play more consistently
    Part of the maturing (ma-toooring) process (pro-cesss) if you will

    in 2010 we lost 9 games by 14 points or more
    in 2011 we lost 4 games by 14 points or more
    in 2012 we have lost 5 games by 4 points or less (all on the road)

    seems to me that the coaching staff are doing a great job of getting more competitive, especially on the road.

    No doubt PC and the team need to get better to win these games. But its really close. Maybe thats why everyone is freaking out right now.

    But im with you, i see the balance shifting. This team is so much more competitive game in and game out than the last couple years. its interesting how critical everyone is.. almost like they forgot the beatdowns this team was subjected to so recently as last year.
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  • SHOCKER315 wrote:We haven't won on the road for one simple reason. The defense isn't as good in the 4th quarter on the road, (e.g.: QB pressure/sacks/TO's).

    The Hawks had late 4th quarter leads in all of their road games, (with the exception of the Niners). These are situations when the Defense knows the opposing team is passing the ball. This is the situation a defense wants. It should be a sack fest or easy INT's.

    Instead, no pressure on the QB's. The defense gave up last minute 80+ yard scoring drives to the Cards, Lions, and Miami to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The D gave up the short drive for the FG win vs the Rams, and almost blew the Panthers game. If the defense simply does its job and keeps them out of the end zone on those late game 80+ yard drives, that's 3 more road wins... and everyone would be talking about a Superbowl run.

    Get 4th quarter Qb pressure/sacks or late turnovers on the road... or we will continue to lose road games.

    Great post (and very discouraging). I had forgotten about the late leads vs. the Crads and Lambs. Definitely NOT the signs of a top flight defense.
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