play of the game......what the heck was ET thinking ??

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  • Exactly
    ensett wrote:He went airborne to try to deflect the pass and/or disrupt the QBs vision, why would he slow down? We want our guys to stop giving 100%?
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  • BOO F***** WOO! Thomas made a play. The Refs made the right call(as tick tacky as that is). The rules need to change. Don't blame ET for trying to do his job. I'll admit I was pissed after it happen but we still let them sroce 3 TD's. The defense as a whole played bad.

    We're 6-5. We're still in this. QUIT CRYING. Some of you guys sound like Whiner fans!
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  • AbsolutNET wrote:
    glowingeyedseahawk wrote:
    m0ng0 wrote:dude was airborne, not much he could do to adjust in*t happens, I could point to many more plays that cost us this game

    I don't buy this......
    You could see him (on camera) coming from 10 yards away.....
    If you're gonna hit Tannen-bomb, why not go mid-section ??
    ....he could've held-up or veered off.....he had time to anticipate !!??

    Maybe on the 3rd slow-motion replay from your couch he had time to anticipate.

    I thought the point of football was to rush the QB, football is becoming sissy league, although I understand if it was head to head.

    That play cost us the game it's a 7 point swing, with probably less than 4 minutes left in the game.
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  • How was he suppose to stop? He was already in the air! To look in to this matter a little closer I decided to run out doors and jump in front of on coming traffi...
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  • ensett wrote:If we are talking about the penalty, then it was the right call, but its one of the dumbest things in sports. Contrary to popular belief, ET is not actually a wizard and had no way to change his path when he jumped. They either need to change it to a judgement call, get rid of it completely, or start flagging the QB for just standing there and creating an injury risk when he could have just stepped 1 foot to his right.

    I like your point, and your right. The roughing the passer rule needs some serious re-evaluation, but more than anything the refs need to be consistent. Too often I am seeing a similar situation not called.
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  • ^ Like with Vick
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  • Hasselbeck wrote:To be fair.. the Washington KO return basically washed that off the board. It was the following defensive series that went a long way to deciding the outcome of the game.

    True. Completely agree. Though I wanted Wagner to get his 2nd pick of the day. I was thinking BALLGAME, until I saw the flag. I'm glad Washington finally got his. I feel bad for him, in all the games he's had a big impact we've lost--AZ 2 huge returns results in 2 FG's. Then today, he get's a return and the defense lays an egg.
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  • ET knows the rules like every other player we have. This team is undisciplined and the penalties are just going to keep coming until PC gets tough.
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