Who would you fire (1 player or 1 coach)

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  • Kam Chancellor for the blown coverage on at least one occasion and especially on one of those TD plays. I love the guy for his hits but I'm not willing to pay him the type of money I think he will get when he hits the market, he needs to be a more complete player for all the hype he gets.

    Kris Richard the secondary coach for letting his players get so cocky when they don't deserve to be, and not getting a younger guy up to speed to replace Trufant who has lost more than a step.
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  • hawkfannj wrote:This is a coaching disaster 2 weeks to prepair ! Needed the win players came out flat . At one point it resembled a Mora team

    I still like Mora and his coaching style.Nobody would have won with that god awful team.That team was one of the worst in Hawk history.At least for me.It was the only Hawk team I really just disliked.So many players that were just losers from the get go.
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  • Pete Carroll.

    The penalties are on him. A team many times takes the identity of its head coach.

    Another wasted game.
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  • Kam chancellor has become the weakest link of the legion of boom, and really has had pretty much no positive impact what soever...

    But either way, Get Bevell's ass OUT OF HERE PLEASE. ive put up with this play not to lose mentality for years, I want some damn relentlessness on offense and defense
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  • I would fire the player who can actually be traced to big plays on which we lost today.

    There's a shocking development, eh?
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  • Bevell, Tru, and Hill mostly. As a team they just werent there today. It's been a bad Month for us 12's, and right after a bye week too. Ouch this one hurts. Whats the word?... Oh yeah AMNESIA. Russ will tell you that its important to have sometime or it can hinder your growth to dewell on the past. Up next Da Cubbys.
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  • This thread should be burned. The last thing we need on this board is more "FIRE PERSON I DON'T LIKE!"
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  • Bevell, this conservative play calling has got to stop, lynch is looking like a battered warrior, leroy hill is just old and slow, but if someone had to go, it would have to fall on PC, he's in control of it all , and is not doing what needs to be done to fix it...
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  • Guys the bye week IMO now hurts teams as much as helps them. This is because they are not allowed practice as much per the CBA and are required more time away. Prove a point the Pats almost lost to the BILLS at HOME after their bye..

    The one benefit of the bye is getting healthy (which by the Pats last 2 games after the bills has helped a lot... as all 3 units have performed amazingly!) I would not be shocked if the same is true for the Hawks.
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  • On a related topic, if you were to fire Bevell. Who would you replace him with?

    Someone from college? Or an assisant on a NFL team.

    I personally, would like to see a young coach that is not afraid to make a splash offensively. Ala a Chip Kelly (not obvisously Chip because he is going to be a head coach next year..... sorry duck fans.)
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  • Trufant.
    Hasselbeck wrote:Matt Flynn should be our starter. Wilson is nothing more than a backup and will never amount to anything in this league.
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  • I would send Bevell packing in the most explosive scene I could create in hopes that Gus is watching!
    It was a catch.
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  • Gus Bradley and Bevell the 2 biggest blackholes on this team.

    May the spirit of our friend The Radish live on forever!

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  • Nobody! Yay!
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  • The guy in charge of the sprinkler system
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  • Bring Back Jeremy Bates ...!!!... ???
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  • hoxrox wrote:The guy in charge of the sprinkler system

    exactly.... how does something like that happen? I thought that only happened in commercials. :?:
    I don't know why I bother... no one cares what I think.
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  • Maelstrom787 wrote:Marcus Trufant. He is god awful.

    Tru sadly is toast. He is washed up, where is Walter Thurmand 3 at?
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