Still a Hawk Fan, but I want my 3 hours back...

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  • I don't buy into road games can't be won and that the ultra-first class travel or time zone change is hard on players, I still like Pete as our coach and love our team, but the toughest part of watching today was that it was a very winnable game if we just played solid defense, let our elite secondary cover their receivers and be smart on offense. It was just hard to watch us give this one away today, it didn't have to be like this.
    The play calling seems like an easy suspect, but I have to factor in that it all boils down to how their defense counters on each play. Too many penalties, too many three and outs, too many missed coverages led to giving this thing away. It's hard to watch so much talent be so mediocre at times...I'm just disappointed that I have to live with this one for the week.

    The good
    Wilson is good and does extend plays, this kid will be some fun to watch develop
    Tate and Rice are becoming solid receivers Nice catch by Tate! also nice to see Miller, Moore, McCoy contribute
    Leon's return!
    Wagner is having a great rookie year and proved it again today, he is becoming one of my favorite players
    Turbin is getting better
    No false starts on Okung, no crazy penalties on Breno
    Our Defense looked good on the first few series

    The Bad
    What happened to our Legion of Boom? It was like Browner, Sherman, Trufant and gang were outplayed
    Our front line could not open holes for Marshawn?
    Baldwin? Why all the drops this year?
    Lost a couple decent opportunities for field goals

    The Ugly
    The Sprinkler timer schedule - that was a first
    Our secondary sure made Tannahill look great, what Happened?
    Way too many drive killing Penalties! 2 penalties for 12 men?
    I need to look at the penalty for Earl's personal foul, seems like he was penalized for simply landing on the QB I didn't like the call, but Leon's return negated it.
    Losing yardage in FG distance in the last 2 minutes? (bad play calling, poor execution, poor decision to throw to Lynch)
    No 10 second runoff? I'm confused why not

    I wish I could get those 3 hours back to do something productive and get this loss off my mind. Oh well, Go Saints! Now let's see...turkey sandwich and some spiked eggnog or a rum and coke, maybe a zanax?, is I-502 in effect yet?
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  • post might just go down as, "least posts with most reads without a reply"

    I've been watching the niners-saints game and the saints let me down, 49ers are good. Then reading some good posts here on that are helping me to see other perspectives from our loss today, then I read about the Sherman-Browner thing. ...bummed...
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