Aros' Fearless Prediction Thread (Seahawks @ Dolphins)

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  • iigakusei wrote:
    Largent80 wrote:
    Largent80 wrote:Before the season, I put $1,000 on the wins. Which means Vegas set the line at 7.5 wins. All I need them to do is win 2 more games out of the six remaining and I cash at ridiculous odds.

    16 to 1. Merry Christmas?

    Please tell me you are not saying you got 16 to 1 odds at over 7.5 wins.

    No kidding. This is just a straight up lie and anyone who knows anything about Vegas know it. C'mon, man. You don't need to impress us by lying. We dot care how wealthy you aren't.
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  • Kolsteseahawks wrote:How are there so many that pick against the seahawks every week, and against the dolphins. That just blows my mind.

    Maybe now you understand.

    This past Sunday's game was a regular trend for the Seahawks.

    10am road game against an inferior team = a loss.

    Sad, but true. This one was as predictable as they come once you take the rose-colored glasses off.
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