Kickoff rule, slow start offense & defering to the 2nd half

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  • I've been thinking about this for awhile based on the start of some games I've watched, and because of the new rule, the decision to receive or defer has become much more important.

    It's just one more variable to go with things such as field condition, wind speed and direction, weather conditions, kicking game, and how a team tends to start offensively.

    For a team unlike Seattle that starts slow offensively, it would benefit field position for Seattle to defer. It fits Pete's Mantra of "It's not how you start, but how you finish." If you can force the opposing off the field quickly, with our special teams, we could start the game early with great field position and still have the 2nd half receiving option in our back pocket which is also a momentum builder.

    With each new rule change, investigating the repercussions becomes even more important. IMHO, the biggest issue when judging the effect of changes comes down to choosing the proper variables.
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  • with our D I would defer every game I could. I love having the ball first in second half with a chance at a drive after 1st half adjustments.
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  • Everyone in Madden always defers, the way I look it at is this. If your winning going into the 2nd half getting the ball thats awesome and if your down in the second half you'll want to start with the ball
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  • How do we start slow? We have scored TD's on a bunch of our opening drives
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  • In my in person game experiences at the field I find that the crowd is way more D friendly at the start of the game than at the start of the 3rd quarter.

    In most cases the crowd is pretty much not back in their seats at the start of the 3rd quarter, and therefore not D friendly.

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  • Choosing to defer until the second half is not just about having the ball first, it's about the number of offensive possessions you have during the half.

    The combined number of offensive possessions in a half can either be an odd number or an even number. If the number is even, then the two teams will necessarily have the same number of possessions. If it is odd, then one team will have necessarily had one more possession than the other. That team will always be the team that had possession first.

    Therefore, deferring guarantees that you will have at least the same number of second-half possessions as your opponent, or equally likely, that you will have one additional possession. If you choose to receive the opening kickoff in the first half, then you have a 50% chance of having one fewer possession in the second half. that's potentially a two-possession swing in second-half.

    Since I consider second-half possessions to be more valuable than first-half possessions, I would defer every time.
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  • Pete always seemed to defer at USC. I think it's because he wanted the D on the field first. If the D forces a three and out early it gets the crowd going at home and can help mute the crowd away. And then your O starts the second half.
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